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Warm Temperatures, Stay Cool
Using the heat guidelines

The heat stress graph is designed to give an estimate of safe competition conditions in hot, humid conditions. It is most relevant for long-distance running and prolonged high-intensity events like Lacrosse, Soccer, Football, and Tennis. It should be applied to both practices and games.

Using a weather radio or local radio station or new free mobile apps*, record the air temperature and relative humidity data every hour during the event and plot it on the relative humidity vs. air temperature graph. On bright sunny days in the late spring and summer months a correction factor of up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit should be added to the air temperature from 10 AM to 4 PM. This should be plotted as a bar rather than a single point to give an estimate of maximum and minimum heat stress.

The decision to cancel or postpone an event should be made when the heat stress moves into the danger range. Although practice and competition can be continued in the lower ranges, coaches and athletes should be aware that hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke can still occur in these lower risk ranges. Track and Cross Country runners should stay out of the heat between events and stay well hydrated. A rest break should be provided in activities that require continuous exertion like Soccer and Tennis.

Additional Resources:
  • Vanderbilt University’s free CoachSmart heat index monitor and lightning tracker app for mobile devices: CoachSmart App for iPhone   CoachSmart App for Android   
  • ACSM renews caution for preseason training: Death by heat in youth activities is preventable
  • Heat and Stress: Role of the Uniform - What does it take to keep your players from overheating?
  • Read the article written by Dr. William O. Roberts, a member of the League’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, Death in the heat: Can football heat stroke be prevented?
  • Read about Heat Stress & Athletic Participation
  • Review Intravenous versus Oral Rehydration: Which is best for your athletes?
  • Review how to recognize a Heat-Related Illness

    Coaches Checklist:
  • Follow the Heat Index shown
  • Watch kids closely
  • Take lots of breaks
  • Make sure athletes are hydrated
  • Athletes who take antihistamines or beta blockers may be at a greater risk
  • Trust Kids . . . They know what their bodies can take.
  • Don't let peer pressure force kids to make decisions that may cause harm
    Reprinted with permission from Kulka TJ Kenney WI. Heat balance limits in football uniforms: how different uniforms ensembles alter the equation. Phys Sportsmed 2002:30(7):29-39.
  • Green Line: Regular practices/games with full practice gear can be conducted for conditions that plot to the left of the green line.
  • Red Line: Cancel all practices and games when the temperature and relative humidity plot to the right of the red line. Practices may be moved into air-conditioned spaces.
  • Between Red and Yellow Lines: Increase rest to work ratio with breaks every 20 minutes and all protective equipment should be removed to practice in shorts only when the temperature and relative humidity plot between the red and yellow lines.
  • Between Yellow and Green Lines: Increase rest to work ratio with breaks every 30 minutes and wear shorts with helmets and shoulder pads only when the temperature and relative humidity plot between the yellow and green lines.
  • Heat risk rises with increasing heat and relative humidity. Fluid breaks should be scheduled for all practices and increased as the heat stree rises.
  • Add 5 degress to temperature between 10 AM and 4 PM from mid May to mid September on bright, sunny days.
  • Practices should be modified to reflect the conditions for the safety of the athletes.

    Way Up North, The 2016 Football Season Begins
    Posted by John Millea(jmillea@mshsl.org)- Updated 8/27/2016 9:45:33 PM

    BABBITT – The weekend after Thanksgiving will be huge in Minnesota high school football circles. State championship games will be played under the brightest lights possible in front of cheering crowds inside the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis and televised live around the state.

    Those games will mark the end of the 2016 football season, which is sure to provide memories that will last for years. The season began officially -- and admittedly quietly -- on Friday afternoon 234 miles away from the big shiny stadium, on a little grass field behind a little school in a little town way up north. From Babbitt you can drive 17 miles north and be in Ely. If you want to go much farther than that, you might as well jump into a canoe and paddle.

    This whole thing was a quirk, a small speck of peculiarity that pegged the first football game of 2016 in this spot, as if someone threw a dart at a map and it stuck right into Babbitt. The story began last spring when Mesabi Academy in Buhl closed. Mesabi Academy was supposed to play Mountain Iron-Buhl and Northeast Range (in Babbitt) among others during the regular season, but the disappearance of Mesabi Academy and its football team drove things right into the ditch.

    So the coaches from Mountain Iron-Buhl and Northeast Range put their heads together. They realized that the only way they could fill their eight-game regular-season schedule was by playing each other on Aug. 26 … one week earlier than every other team in the state will play.

    The game was approved by the MSHSL so the two Nine-Man teams started practicing a week ahead of schedule and what do you know here they were Friday afternoon kicking off the whole shebang. The game was played at 3:15 p.m. because the lights at Joe Boffa Field do not work.

    The Rangers of Mountain Iron-Buhl came equipped with 18 players in uniform to 15 for the Northeast Range Nighthawks (go figure: the Nighthawks play all their home games during the day).

    It wasn’t the finest exhibition of American football ever seen. There were fumbles and bumbles and missed tackles and penalty flags. The officials called regular breaks for water on a warm afternoon and the game ended at 5:32 p.m. with Mountain Iron-Buhl on top 22-18. The score was 8-8 at halftime after Nighthawks senior Jon Wenzel put his head down and battering-rammed his way into the end zone from 12 yards out and Mountain Iron-Buhl sophomore Jericho Peterson scored on a 13-yard burst.

    At halftime the officials reminded each other of the procedure for overtime, and for most of the second half extra time looked like a real possibility. The Nighthawks went ahead 16-8 when Wenzel ran eight yards for a touchdown, but the Rangers tied it 16-16 early in the fourth quarter on a 15-yard scoring jaunt by Peterson.

    For the record (and personal pride), Wenzel and Peterson currently lead the state with two touchdowns apiece. But the biggest play of the game came at the hands and feet of MIB ninth-grader Dillion Drake, who zipped 15 yards for his first career touchdown and the winning points with 2:13 left in regulation.

    Northeast Range lost fumbles on its final two possessions, one before Drake’s TD and one after. The game’s last two plays ended with MIB sophomore quarterback Joe Buffetta’s right knee touching the ground. Game, set, season-opening win.

    “It was really great,” Peterson said afterwards. “We all wanted to start the season off 1-0. It was a team effort.”

    This game and atmosphere was wildly, spectacularly, unbelievably different from what will take place on November 25 and 26 in downtown Minneapolis. Half an hour or so before kickoff, a dozen fans patiently waited in front of a little ticket booth that was as yet unoccupied. They eventually wandered through the gate and took their gratis seats on the single set of bleachers. Ticket takers arrived a little later and enough paying fans came through to almost fill the stands.

    The football field, tucked in behind Ron Castellano Ice Arena, is surrounded by a very Shawshanksian metal fence topped with barbed wire ... as if there is something worth stealing inside. There once was a running track around the field, but all the lanes are grass-covered now. A thin concrete curb remains in place inside where Lane 1 used to be, presenting just enough of a lip to trip up those who aren’t paying attention.

    The bleacher accommodates fans from both teams, and they can see an old scoreboard directly across the field. I don’t know the age of the scoreboard, but the thing makes a “click” sound with each second that ticks off. It is pure analog glory.

    Both times Wenzel scored, a hometown car horn was honked in the parking lot on the other side of the fence. Behind the scoreboard and barbed wire, a kid drove past on a four-wheeler with football to his right and forest to his left. Down the street, someone was attacking lumber with a power saw. The return of the football season brought the return of teenage boys yelling with mouthguard in place: “Letth Go Rangerth!”

    After the Nighthawks’ penultimate fumble, the boys from Mountain Iron-Buhl gathered in the offensive huddle. They were on their own 38-yard line. Someone in the pack hollered (without his mouthguard in place), “C'mon! This is what we’ve been practicing three weeks for!”

    Then came a 15-yard facemask on the Nighthawks, followed soon after by Drake’s winning touchdown run around left end, two knees to the ground, a handshake line between sweaty boys and a happy bunch of undefeated Rangers.

    “It feels great,” Drake said. “It takes hard work and dedication.”

    Plus some real grass, a little barbed wire, a scoreboard that clicks and a honking car horn.

    --To see a photo gallery from the game, go to the MSHSL Facebook page.

    *Schools/teams John has seen/visited: 20
    *Miles John has driven in the Toyota Camry in 2016-17: 1,083

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    John Millea
    8h ago
    No.1 in girls tennis:
    1A team/ Blake
    1A ind/ Libby Rickeman Blake
    2A team/ Mahtomedi
    2A ind/ Isabella Lambert Mtonka

    MSHSL 8h ago
    This week's girls tennis rankings, provided by the coaches association...CLASS 1A
    1 Blake
    2 Breck
    3 Rochester Lourdes
    4 St. James
    5 Foley
    6 Cannon Falls
    7 Holy Family Catholic
    8 Staples-Motley
    9 Virginia
    10 MinnewaskaINDIVIDUALS
    1 Libby Rickeman, Blake
    2 Izabella Edin, Staples-Motley
    3 Arlina Shen, Blake
    4 Katie Mulvey, Trinity at River Ridge
    5 Cindy Li, Winona Cotter
    6 Clare Palen, Rochester Lourdes
    7 Natalie Cahill, Pine City
    8 Cora Delich, Eveleth-Gilbert
    9 Ashley Frederickson, St. James
    10 Kayla McIver, FoleyCLASS 2A
    1 Mahtomedi
    2 St. Cloud Tech
    3 Edina
    4 Prior Lake
    5 Eagan
    6 Eastview
    7 Minnetonka
    8 Rochester Mayo
    9 Hopkins
    10 Tie: Duluth East and DelanoINDIVIDUALS
    1 Isabella Lambert, Minnetonka
    2 Meagan Brown, Elk River
    3 Natalie Lorentz, St. Louis Park
    4 Samantha Nichols, Eagan
    5 Maddie Suk, Hopkins
    6 Karin Young, Eastview
    7 Savanna Crowell, Prior Lake
    8 Zoe Klass Warch, St. Paul Central
    9 Taylor Tarrolly, St. Cloud Tech
    10 Alexandra Kopiecki, Mounds View

    John Millea
    9h ago
    The way this survey is going, that vat of acid is gonna win a VMA.

    John Millea
    9h ago
    Your favorite activity this evening...

    John Millea
    19h ago
    Sounds like the mega-buck video displays at the new stadium aren't as informative as this scoreboard in Babbitt.

    John Millea
    2d ago
    Way Up North, The 2016 Football Season Begins.
    John's Journal reports from Babbitt.


    MSHSL 2d ago
    Way Up North, The 2016 Football Season Begins.John's Journal reports from Babbitt.

    John's Journal

    MN H. S. League
    2d ago
    Light rain isn't stopping visitors to our booth today at the State Fair. Pay us a visit at Carousel Park!

    MN H. S. League
    2d ago
    We are live at the State Fair today! Come visit us for cool stuff and a great time. We are at Carousel Park!

    John Millea
    3d ago
    Photo gallery from the first football game of 2016, on our Facebook page.

    MSHSL 3d ago
    Mountain Iron-Buhl and Northeast Range kicked off the football season Friday afternoon with a Nine-Man game in Babbitt. The teams each lost a game from their schedules this season when Mesabi Academy closed, and they received permission from the MSHSL to start practice a week early and play their first game one week before the rest of the teams in Minnesota. Other season-opening games will be played next Thursday and Friday,Mountain Iron-Buhl won the game 22-16. Senior running back Jon Wenzel (number 54 in black) scored two touchdowns for Northeast Range and sophomore running back Jericho Peterson (number 4 in white) scored twice for Mountain Iron-Buhl. The winning score, a 15-yard run by freshman Dillion Drake (number 21 in white) was scored with only 2:13 remaining in the fourth quarter.

    John Millea
    3d ago
    I'll be jumping on @wccoradio with @SteveThomsonMN any second now. (I'm on hold...oh the anticipation.)

    John Millea
    3d ago
    I'll talk about the first football game of 2016 around 9:15 tonight with @SteveThomsonMN on @wccoradio

    John Millea
    3d ago
    Media circus in Babbitt after the first football game of 2016.

    John Millea
    3d ago
    Final score in Babbitt: Mountain Iron-Buhl 22, Northeast Range 16. @MSHSLscores

    John Millea
    3d ago
    15-yard TD run by Dillion Drake puts MI-B ahead of NE Range 22-16, 2:13 left in 4Q. @MSHSLscores

    Amy Doherty
    3d ago
    My very good reason for being slow to return emails this week. Thanks for the adventure! @REEF_org twitter.com/SubstationCur/

    John Millea
    3d ago
    15-yard TD run by MI-B's Jericho Peterson makes it 16-16 with NE Range, 5:30 left in 4Q. @MSHSLscores


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