Minnesota State High School League

Yearbook & Record Book

Note: Many of the activity sections are large files and may take several minutes to download and view.

Cover - Front & Back Lacrosse, Girls'
Introductory Information Music
Adapted Bowling One Act Play
Adapted Floor Hockey Robotics
Adapted Soccer Skiing-Alpine, Boys'
Adapted Softball Skiing-Alpine, Girls'
Baseball Skiing-Nordic, Boys'
Basketball, Boys' Skiing-Nordic, Girls' 
Basketball, Girls' Soccer, Boys'
Clay Target Soccer, Girls'
Cross Country Running, Boys' Softball, Girls' Fast-Pitch
Cross Country Running, Girls' Speech
Dance Team, Girls' Swimming & Diving, Boys'
Debate Swimming & Diving, Girls'
Football Tennis, Boys'
Golf, Boys' Tennis, Girls'
Golf, Girls' Track & Field, Boys'
Gymnastics, Girls' Track & Field, Girls'
Hockey, Boys' Visual Arts
Hockey, Girls' Volleyball, Girls'
Lacrosse, Boys' Wrestling

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