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2016-2017 Girls' Alpine Skiing

Activity Administration:
 Online Rules Meeting begins on November 14, 2016 and must be completed by November 28, 2016
 Start of Practice: November 14, 2016
 Maximum number of Contests: 16
 First Available Contest Date: November 17, 2016
 Deadline to complete the Eligibility Verification Form: November 17, 2016
 Sections begin: The week of February 6, 2017
 Deadline to submit a photo for the State Tournament Program: February 2, 2017
 Last Day to hold Section Tournaments: February 9, 2017
 Player Participation Limit:
   Daily Limit: None
   Season Limitation: None
 Ticket Prices: Admission is free at the State Tournament
 2015-2016 Champions
   Team: The Blake School
   Individual: Maddie Dekko, The Blake School

  • Competitive Section Assignments
  • Rules and Policies
  • ASSectionEntry
  • Cold Index for Skiing Competition
  • Scoring Procedures
  • State Tournament DVD/VHS Ordering Info
  • Team Photo Request
  • Yearbook and Record Book

    State Tournament Info
    February 15 - 2017
    Giants Ridge
    Tournament Related Files
    Previous Years Results
      Advance News Release
      Alpine Schedule
      Alpine Seeding Order
      Alpine Skiing Guide
      Alpine Skiing Run Order
      Final Individual Results
      First Run Results
      State Meet Recap
      Team Results

    Section Tournaments
    (B indicates a Bracket is available)
    Sec. Date Site B
    4A February 8, 2017 Wild Mountain- On as scheduled as of 2:00 PM Tuesday  
    5A 2018
    Thursday, Feb 8
    Afton Alps  
    6A February 7, 2017 Buck Hill  
    7A Feb. 6, 2018 Giants Ridge  

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