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Girls' Basketball - Class AAAA Championship  
#1 Eastview H.S.    68
#2 Hopkins H.S.    63
Game Summary
Girls' Basketball - Class AAA Championship  
#1 Robbinsdale Cooper H.S.    49
#2 Northfield H.S.    37
Game Summary
Girls' Basketball - Class AAAA 3rd Place  
Lakeville North H.S.    51
Roseville Area H.S.    46
Game Summary
Girls' Basketball - Class AAA 3rd Place  
Willmar H.S.    42
Grand Rapids H.S.    51
Game Summary

State Girls' Basketball Tournament
Home Page Photo The State Girls’ Basketball Tournament is scheduled for March 14-17 at various venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Quarterfinals will be played at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis and at Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. All championship rounds will be played at Target Center and all consolation rounds and third-place games will be played at Concordia University in St. Paul. Here is a look at the tournament:

TV: Championship semifinals and championship games in both classes will be televised by 45TV.
Semifinals/Finals Webcast: Daily charges for the live webcast on www.Prep45.com: $10.95 per day or $30.96 for four-day access.
Quarterfinals Webcast: All Quarterfinal games will be streamed live for free on PrepSpotlight.tv
Tickets: $14 adults, $9 students for quarterfinals, championship semifinals, and finals. $19 adults, $12 students for quarterfinal daily wristbands, good at both venues Wednesday and Williams Arena Thursday. $10 adults, $7 students for consolation and third-place games.
Ticket Box Offices open: One hour before earliest scheduled game.

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Advance News Release
Class A Bracket
Class AA Bracket
Class AAA Bracket
Class AAAA Bracket

  2018 State Girls Basketball Tournament-Class A
Full Bracket

  2018 State Girls Basketball Tournament-Class AA
Full Bracket

  2018 State Girls Basketball Tournament-Class AAA
Full Bracket

  2018 State Girls Basketball Tournament-Class AAAA
Full Bracket

State Adapted Floor Hockey Tournament
Home Page Photo The 25th annual adapted floor hockey state tournament will be held March 16-17 at Bloomington Jefferson High School. Championships will be awarded in two divisions: CI (Cognitive Impaired) and PI (Physically Impaired). Here is a look at the tournament:

The schedule:
CI & PI Divisions
Quarterfinals - Friday Evening, March 16
Consolation, Semifinals, Finals - Saturday Morning, March 17
PI Championship - 2:30 p.m.
CI Championship - 4 p.m.
Tickets: Single session --- $5 adults, $3 students.
Social media: Follow the tournament on the League’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @MSHSL and @MSHSLJohn.
Note: A press credential is not required to cover this event.
Advance News Release

Full CI Bracket
Full PI Bracket

  2018 State Adapted Hockey Tournament-CI Division
Full Bracket

  2018 State Adapted Hockey Tournament-PI Division
Full Bracket
Transfer Eligibility Review
General Information for Students and Parents

The MSHSL understands that varsity eligibility is important to you. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding transfer eligibility. The information contained herein is not a bylaw or policy and is intended only to provide an overview of the transfer eligibility process. For the most current version of Bylaw 111 and MSHSL policies, please visit www.mshsl.org. Before transferring schools, please review the following so that you will understand the transfer’s impact on your varsity eligibility.

1.What is a transfer?

A transfer student is a student who discontinues enrollment and attendance in any high school, public or non-public, and enrolls in any other high school in Minnesota, or outside of Minnesota. Essentially, a transfer occurs anytime a student’s school of record changes. A transfer is considered complete when the student attends class or participates with an athletic program at the new school. This includes home schools, charter schools, and online schools.
2.If I transfer to a new high school, will I be eligible for varsity competition?

If you transfer to a new high school, you will be eligible for varsity athletic competition if:
1.You are enrolling in 9th grade for the first time;
2.Your entire family moves to a new residence in a different attendance area;
3.Your residence is changed pursuant to a court order;
4.Your parents are divorced and you move from one parent to another.
(This option may be used just one time after you enroll in 9th grade); or
5.You and your family have moved to Minnesota from another state or country.
If none of the above apply, you will be ineligible (for one calendar year from the date of the transfer) from participating in interscholastic varsity athletic competition. You will, however, be eligible to participate in varsity tryouts, practices, scrimmages, jamborees, etc., and non-varsity (JV, B-squad, etc.) competitions. You will not be eligible for varsity competition.
3.What happens if none of the five provisions above apply and I am determined ineligible?

If none of the five provisions set forth above apply and you are determined ineligible, you can request that the MSHSL review the determination of ineligibility. There are seven circumstances with which you can request a review:
1.You are transferred to a new high school within the same school district;
2.A change in family circumstances such as adoption, abandonment, or death of a parent.
3.A substantial negative change in your family’s economic status. For example, if one or both parent(s) loses their job or other means of income.
4.School student Bullying or Harassment as identified in Minnesota State Statutes 121A.03 and 121A.031.
5.Administrative error. For example, the receiving school misapplied MSHSL bylaws or policies.
6.You have completed a licensed program for chemical dependency or mental illness (provided all other eligibility rules are followed) and the receiving school will better serve the student’s needs.
The principals and activities directors from both the sending and receiving school agree that varsity competition eligibility should be considered.
4.How do I request a Transfer Eligibility Review?

When you enrolled at your new school [receiving school] and indicated an interest in participating in athletics, the school compiled information and submitted a student transfer report to the MSHSL. The transfer report contains general information on your previous school(s) and the reason for your transfer. Based on this information, the receiving school makes aninitial eligibility determination. That determination is sent to the MSHSL for review to ensure compliance with MSHSL bylaws and policies.

If you are determined ineligible, you can request further review by the MSHSL. Visit with the athletic director at the Receiving School and request a Transfer Eligibility Review. The athletic director will submit the request and supporting documentation to the League for review.

All denied Transfer Eligibility Review requests for varsity competition eligibility will be reviewed by the MSHSL Board of Directors Eligibility Committee for further review or referral to an Independent Reviewer. Ultimately, the final decisions on eligibility will be made by the MSHSL Board of Directors.
5.What types of information and documentation should I provide in support of my request for a Transfer Eligibility Review?

You should provide a written explanation and documentation supporting your request for review. This is your opportunity to support your request for eligibility so please submit whatever relevant documentation/information you have. Below are common types of documentation the MSHSL looks for under each of the seven review options:
1. Internal district policies (for transfers in districts with multiple high schools)
  • The district policy or policies that precipitated the transfer
  • Correspondence from the school district describing the circumstances of the transfer
    2. Adoption, abandonment, or death of a parent
  • Adoption Decree, death certifi cate, CHIPS order
    3. Substantial negative change in the economic status
  • The MSHSL typically considers three years of tax returns showing a negative change in the Adjusted Gross Income.
  • You are encouraged to submit any other documentation showing a negative change in economic status. For example, employer notification indicating the recent loss of income or loss of employment, disability determinations from a medical professional or government agency that indicate a reduction in the ability to be employed.
  • NOTE: Discretionary spending decisions will generally not be considered to be a negative change in economic status.
    4. School Bullying/Harassment
  • Documentation that a complaint was made under the district policy prior to the transfer
  • A report from the sending school that it has investigated and determined a case of bullying or harassment pursuant to Minnesota Statute 121A.03 and 121A.031.
  • Any other documentation of bullying or harassment at the sending school
    5. Administrative Error
  • Documentation from a school administrator explaining the error or errors made in the initial eligibility determination.
    6. Completion of a licensed program for treatment of alcohol or substance abuse, mental illness or emotional disturbance provided all other eligibility rules are followed.
  • Documentation from the director of the treatment facility/provider showing completion of a licensed program by the student
  • Documentation to show the receiving school provides specific aftercare for the student.
    7. School Administrators request for review
  • The administrators from both schools agree varsity competition eligibility should be considered for the student. This Transfer Eligibility Review provision is applicable only for students who transfer from one MSHSL member school to another MSHSL member school.
  • The written request from the administrators at both the receiving school and sending school should include all documents they believe support eligibility.
  • This provision requires certifi cation from both schools confirming no recruitment or inappropriate contact has occured.
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    Section Boys' Basketball Finals
     Class A Sections
    Section 1A Boys' Basketball
    #1  Rushford-Peterson  

    Score: 66-30

      Spring Grove
    Section 2A Boys' Basketball
      N #1 Mayer Lutheran   (26-3)  

    Score: 78-75

      S #1 Springfield   (28-1)
    Section 3A Boys' Basketball
    #1N  Minneota   (24-3)

    Score: 71-69

    #1S  Russell-Tyler-Ruthton   (29-1)  
    Section 4A Boys' Basketball
    #5  Heritage Christian Academy  

    Score: 64-56

    #6  Mounds Park Academy
    Section 5A Boys' Basketball
    #N1  Cromwell-Wright

    Score: 72-40

    Section 6A Boys' Basketball
    #N4  Mahnomen/Waubun  

    Score: 71-64

    Section 7A Boys' Basketball
      SS 2-2 Ely

    Score: 70-38

      North Woods  
    Section 8A Boys' Basketball
    #E1  Cass Lake-Bena   (28-1)  

    Score: 66-53

      #W1 Ada-Borup H.S. (23-4)
     Class AA Sections
    Section 1AA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Caledonia  

    Score: 87-53

    #3  Byron
    Section 2AA Boys' Basketball
      1N Jordan   (24-5)  

    Score: 65-56

      2S Maple River   (20-9)
    Section 3AA Boys' Basketball
    #1N  Minnewaska Area H.S.   (20-7)  

    Score: 56-54

    #2S  Pipestone Area   (19-10)
    Section 4AA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Minnehaha Academy   (23-4)  

    Score: 77-34

    #3  New Life Academy of Woodbury   (20-8)
    Section 5AA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Minneapolis North Community H.S.

    Score: 81-76

    #2  Brooklyn Center  
    Section 6AA Boys' Basketball
    #5  Eden Valley-Watkins

    Score: 55-54

    #3  St. Cloud Cathedral  
    Section 7AA Boys' Basketball
      SS 2-1 Virginia

    Score: 50-33

      SS 1-1 Esko  
    Section 8AA Boys' Basketball
    #S1  Perham

    Score: 47-39

    #S2  Breckenridge  
     Class AAA Sections
    Section 1AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Austin  

    Score: 74 - 72

    #2  Northfield
    Section 2AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Mankato East   (23-5)  

    Score: 78-70

    #3  Waseca   (26-3)
    Section 3AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  St. Thomas Academy  

    Score: 63-59

    #2  St. Croix Lutheran Academy
    Section 4AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Columbia Heights  

    Score: 70-62

    #2  Mahtomedi
    Section 5AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Willmar   (26-2)

    Score: 75-54

    #2  Delano 18-11   (17-11)  
    Section 6AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  DeLaSalle  

    Score: 80-78

    #2  Orono
    Section 7AAA Boys' Basketball
    #4  Cloquet

    Score: 68-58

    #6  Hermantown  
    Section 8AAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Fergus Falls   (22-6)

    Score: 64-59

    #2  Sauk Rapids - Rice 21-8   (20-8)  
     Class AAAA Sections
    Section 1AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Lakeville North  

    Score: 51 - 46

    #2  Rochester John Marshall
    Section 2AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Eden Prairie  

    Score: 84-76 Eden Prairie

    #3  Edina
    Section 3AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Apple Valley   (24-4)  

    Score: 84-69

    #2  Eastview   (12-16)
    Section 4AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Cretin-Derham Hall  

    Score: 62-52

    #2  East Ridge
    Section 5AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Park Center

    Score: 61-57

    #3  Osseo  
    Section 6AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Hopkins   (26-1)

    Score: 63-61

    #2  Wayzata   (17-11)  
    Section 7AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Forest Lake  

    Score: 64 - 62

    #3  Blaine
    Section 8AAAA Boys' Basketball
    #1  Maple Grove 21-8   (20-8)  

    Score: 66-52

    #6  Buffalo   (15-13)

    The Team? The Experience? It’s Everything
    Posted by John Millea(jmillea@mshsl.org)- Updated 3/17/2018 11:44:28 PM

    This weekend was remarkable for several reasons, most of them – but not all of them -- having to do with high school girls basketball in Minnesota. Let’s start, however, with what took place Friday evening far away in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    That’s where the University of Virginia, a top seed in the NCAA men’s tournament, lost by 20 points to No. 16 seed Maryland-Baltimore County, becoming the first No. 1 seed to ever lose to a No. 16 seed in the tournament. Virginia coach Tony Bennett said all the right things afterwards…

    “I told the guys, this is life. It can’t define you. You enjoyed the good times and you gotta be able to take the bad times. When you step into the arena, the consequences can be historic losses, tough losses, great wins, and you have to deal with it. That’s the job.”

    Now, let’s delve into what took place Saturday at Target Center, where the MSHSL girls basketball state championship games were held. One possible headline could read like this: “Three Teams Win First State Titles.” Indeed, Lyle-Pacelli in Class 1A, Sauk Centre in 2A and Cooper in 3A took home first-place hardware for the first time. In Class 4A, Eastview added to its previous championship collection.

    The games are televised and everyone sees what happens on the court in the big NBA arena. Behind the scenes are quieter moments, and they can be heartbreaking as well as inspiring. Such as …

    --In a corridor, members of the Roseau band quietly saying, “You guys were great” and “We’re so proud of you” as athletes, exiting the court after coming up short in the championship game, sob, their shoulders heaving.

    --A few hours later, players from Northfield applauding for their band members as they cross paths backstage after the Raiders lost to Cooper.

    And then there are moments that make you smile in appreciation for kids who understand that being part of a team is a special thing, and when that experience comes to an end – whether in victory or defeat – it can hit them hard.

    Madi Heiderscheidt, a senior from Sleepy Eye, and Abigail Bollinberg, a junior from Lyle-Pacelli, exemplified that sense of loss following Lyle-Pacelli’s 57-33 victory over Sleepy Eye in the 1A title game.

    Both girls wiped tears from their eyes as they talked about the season, and the team, and the journey, coming to an end.

    Madi, who will play basketball at the College of Saint Benedict, said, “I’m not as upset about second place as I am that my career is over.”

    Lyle-Pacelli coach Justin Morris (who lives in Omaha, as noted previously in John’s Journal) coached his final game with the Athletics Saturday, and that added to Abigail’s feelings, despite the gold medal hanging around her neck.

    “I’m kind of sad,” she said as the tears flowed. “I won’t get to play with these seniors again. I won’t get to play for our coach again.”

    Kristi Fett, Lyle-Pacelli’s 6-foot-5 center who has signed with Minnesota State Mankato, had 30 points and 16 rebounds against Sleepy Eye. After three games in three days facing defenders who tried to outmuscle her under the basket, Kristi said, “We always talk about bumps and bruises being temporary but memories like these last a lifetime. You’ll remember the faces when you look around the team circle for the rest of your life.”

    Following the Class 3A game, senior Annika Hoff of Northfield (who will play in the Ivy League at Cornell) was asked about the experience of wearing the Raiders uniform. She began to speak, saying “It’s been awesome,” and then broke down in tears.

    The team? The experience? It’s everything. That’s the job.

    Familiar Foes, New Final Result In Class 2A

    Sauk Centre and Roseau have faced off at state for three years in a row now; in 2016 Roseau beat the Mainstreeters 94-82 in the third-place game and last season the Rams beat Sauk Centre 75-64 in the championship game. This time, the Mainstreeters came out on top 63-52.

    Sauk Centre, making its eighth trip to state, ended a string of second-place finishes from 2012, 2015 and 2017.

    Cooper Makes History In Class 3A

    The Cooper Hawks capped their state tournament debut in grand style, defeating Northfield 49-37 for the school’s first team state title since 1985, when the softball team won the Class 2A championship.

    Northfield also was seeking its first title in its third trip to state. The Raiders received flowers earlier in the week from the 1979 team, which also was a state runner-up. The Raiders’ most recent state appearance came in 2010.

    In Class 4A, Eastview Stays Unbeaten

    Eastview closed its season with a 32-0 record, joining Sauk Centre (33-0) as the state’s only undefeated teams. The Lightning, who won their first state title in 2014, defeated Hopkins 68-63 in the championship game. Hopkins, which has won six titles and finished second three times since 2004, was led by sophomore Paige Bueckers with a tournament-high 37 points.

    Wells Fargo All-Tournament Teams

    Class 1A

    Kora Kritzberger, Ada-Borup/Norman County West; Mary Burke, Mountain Iron-Buhl; Lydia Sussner, Abby Hennen, Minneota; Madi Heiderscheidt, Sarah Ibarra, Brianna Polesky, Sleepy Eye; Olivia Christianson, Kristi Fett, Brooke Walter, Lyle-Pacelli.

    Class 2A Kaylee Kirk, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton; Jaclyn Jarnot, Maranatha Christian; Bren Fox, Abby Mackenthun, Norwood-Young America; Katie Borowicz, Kacie Borowicz, Victoria Johnson, Roseau; Kelsey Peschel, Tori Peschel, Maesyn Thiesen, Sauk Centre.

    Class 3A Destinee Oberg, Holy Angels; Cayle Hovland, Willmar; Heaven Hamling, Hannah DeMars, Grand Rapids; Annika Hoff, Grace Touchette, Rachel Kelly, Northfield; Aja Wheeler, Kierra Wheeler, Andrea Tribble, Cooper.

    Class 4A Frannie Hottinger, Cretin-Derham Hall; Jayda Johnston, Roseville; Lauren Jensen, Ke James, Lakeville North; Paige Bueckers, Dlayla Chakolis, Raena Suggs, Hopkins; Megan Walstad, Mariah Alipate, Andrea Abrams, Eastview.

    Girls State Basketball Tournament

    Class 1A

    Fifth place: Ada-Borup/Norman County West 63, Heritage Christian 47
    Third place: Minneota 74, Mountain Iron-Buhl 56
    Championship: Lyle-Pacelli 57, Sleepy Eye 33

    Class 2A
    Fifth place: Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 64, Byron 32
    Third place: Norwood-Young America 64, Maranatha Christian 54
    Championship: Sauk Centre 63, Roseau 52

    Class 3A
    Fifth place: Holy Angels 56, Alexandria 46
    Third place: Grand Rapids 51, Willmar 42
    Championship: Cooper 49, Northfield 37

    Class 4A
    Fifth place: Cretin-Derham Hall 64, Maple Grove 57
    Third place: Lakeville North 51, Roseville 46
    Championship: Eastview 68, Hopkins 63

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