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One Athlete, Five Sports: Meet Hendricks High’s Greta Johnson
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/25/2017 5:33:05 PM

Greta Johnson deserves some time off. The junior from the little town of Hendricks, Minnesota, has been busy. Hendricks nearly straddles the South Dakota state line, so it takes three hours or more on the road to get to the Twin Cities.

That’s where Greta was Saturday, competing in the Class 1A state gymnastics championships for the fourth time. She first came to state at the University of Minnesota Sports Pavilion as an eighth-grader, which now makes her one of the event’s veterans. This year, however, something was different. She brought along a bum right knee.

She wasn’t injured while vaulting or working on the balance beam, uneven bars or floor exercise. She got hurt playing basketball with her Hendricks Grizzlies teammates on Thursday night in a loss to Renville County West in the Class 1A Section 3 playoffs.

“I was just kind of going for the ball on a rebound and I felt my knee shift,” she said. “I thought I was OK so I got up and I played again for about five minutes and fell down again. My coach said, ‘You’ve got to stop.’ The tibia is rotated and my knee is swollen so it won’t go back into place.”

Yes, Greta Johnson is a two-sport athlete in the winter. And the same is true in the fall when she is a member of the Grizzlies volleyball and cross-country teams. In the spring she pole vaults, runs hurdles and does jumping events for the track team; she went to state in the pole vault last year.

Greta is a member of the Hendricks/Russell-Tyler-Ruthton cooperative gymnastics team. She qualified for state in all four events but her aching knee limited her to the beam and bars Saturday. Skin-colored tape was wrapped around her knee. She didn’t finish among the medalists (top six) in either event but she wore a big smile afterwards.

“I love the state gymnastics meet. It’s the greatest,” she said. “I love the Gophers, too, so it’s fun to have it here.”

Her best finish in the all-around competition was 19th in 2015. She placed 18th on the vault that year and was in the top 25 in bars and floor exercise. Her sister Sophie, a ninth-grader, is also a member of the gymnastics and basketball teams, as are ninth-grader Cora Hofer and eighth-grader Kaylee Johnson.

Taking part in two sports simultaneously is not rare at small schools, where there often aren’t enough athletes otherwise (the ninth-through-12th-grade enrollment at Hendricks is only 16 students and the school does not field football, baseball or boys basketball teams). But it does mean managing time well. Greta and Sophie have a small edge in that area, because the gymnastics team’s training facility is very close to home.

The Johnsons live on a farm. The gymnastics center is located inside a shed on their property, which they lovingly call “the Barn.” Sherri Johnson – mother of Greta, Sophie and younger sister Sadie – coaches the gymnastics team, and she and her husband Gary built the shed to serve two purposes: farm storage and gymnastics.

Until the Barn went up when Greta was in seventh grade, the girls had to be driven 40 minutes to Brookings, South Dakota, in order to work out. Now it’s a very short walk.

“We have all the basic gymnastics equipment and we practice out there,” Greta said.

From the Barn to the Pavilion, Greta has become a fixture at the state meet, this year teaming with qualifiers from Worthington, Jackson County Central, Martin County Area and Redwood Valley to represent Section 3.

Greta knows how to manage her time. Most school days are followed by basketball practice until 5 p.m. or so, followed by gymnastics workouts until about 7:30.

“Then I just have to work hard during school so I get all my homework done,” she said.

With the basketball and gymnastics seasons now complete, she can kick back for a bit until track practice begins on March 13.

She might have been a six-sport athlete if not for one thing: “I’m not a very good golfer.”

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On The Ice And Off, Blaine’s Emily Brown Is A Leader
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 6:19:49 PM

In this age of single-sport specialization, Emily Brown is a throwback. The Blaine senior is a member of her school’s soccer, hockey and track squads and is a team captain for all three. In fact, this is her third season as a captain on the Bengals hockey team.

The Bengals are flying high on the ice after defeating Roseau 7-1 in Thursday’s Class 2A state quarterfinals at Xcel Energy Center. They will face Hill-Murray in Friday’s semifinals. Emily, who plays defense, had one goal and one assist in Thursday’s game, giving her 15 goals, 28 assists and 43 points this season.

Her accolades are far-ranging: She won a gold medal with last year’s U18 national team and is one of five finalists for the Ms. Hockey Award. She will play collegiate hockey at the University of Minnesota. She has been named the winner of Blaine’s Athena Award, which is bestowed on the school’s top female athlete. She has a 4.0 grade-point average and ranks No. 1 in her class.

But there’s more. A lot more. Blaine girls hockey coach Steve Guider calls Emily “perhaps the most self-disciplined person I have ever met. You have to witness Emily amongst her teammates and peers to really see how truly special she is. She changes the lives of people around her.”

The Bengals have a team motto this season that has nothing to do with hockey and everything to do with serving others. The motto is “Make A Difference” and the goal is to make a difference in at least one person’s life every day.

“Emily has embraced this, she has led our team effort by leading our weekly team Make a Difference projects where they visit senior centers or bring treats to the police department and similar things,” Guider said.

Those outreach efforts can include simple things like holding a door for someone, picking up trash at school or buying coffee for the person behind them in line at Caribou.

“This group of players is the most incredible group of kids I’ve ever coached,” Guider said. “They’re great hockey players but they’re far better students and people than hockey players.

“You watch them interact with little kids, how they stand for the national anthem, little things like that. We’ve talked about making a difference in the lives of people.”

Emily said, “It’s pretty incredible to see the effect that such a little action we perform can have on a person. We go to senior living centers and spend time with them, and just to see how much their day is made by talking about what they had for lunch or what they’re having for dinner, the games they’re playing. It’s pretty sweet to see.”

Playing three sports, getting straight A’s and contributing to the community means very little down time. Emily said she has learned to manage her time, even if it means doing homework in the car while her mom drives her to practice.

“There’s lots of homework and it can mean staying up a little bit later than usual,” she said. “It’s tough but it’s a good skill to learn.”

On the ice Brown is a tremendous competitor. She is not a highly vocal team leader but what her coach calls “a calming presence.”

“It doesn’t matter how much pressure she is under, she never gets rattled,” Guider said. “During games if we have a bad period Emily will come into the locker room and say, ‘Stay calm, settle down, get focused, we got this.’ If we are playing well she will make statements like, ‘Keep it up, we’re doing great, keep the energy going.’ If it’s a big game and competitive she will make statements like, ‘This is fun, this is why we play this game’ She has a great read on her teammates and all of her statements have a positive spin to them to keep her teammates relaxed and positive.”

Blaine girls soccer coach Scott Zachmann has similar praise for Emily.

“In 20 years of coaching at many levels -- college, high school and youth -- I can honestly say I have never met a more dedicated student-athlete than Emily,” he said. “She embodies what it means to be a student-athlete as she is disciplined in success in both academics and athletics. Great leaders make everyone around them aspire to be better. Emily does that. She inspires her coaches, her teammates, her teachers to become better versions of themselves every day.

“As her soccer coach the past four years I saw daily her impact. She led by example, hard work and commitment. A true leader cares not only about others and about how hard she needs to work for success, but cares about sportsmanship. It has always been important to Emily to show true character. She's the first to hand the ball to the other team, pick up a puck for an official or stay after practice to help put equipment away. She’s not looking for a pat on the back, she's just that kind of person. There is not a better representative of the word leadership.”

If Emily has one fear, it’s a fear of heights. Or as she told me with a smile, “I’m more like afraid of falling.”

During a hockey team-building trip to Camp Ripley, the players went through a confidence course that included vertical challenges such as a 30-foot cargo net that the players had to climb, go over and come down the other side. Guider said, “Emily is deathly afraid of heights. She was standing in line and you could just see the fear in her eyes. Just before it was her turn, she said, “I really don’t want to do this, but I don’t want to be that 80-year-old woman sitting in a wheelchair saying I never went up that rope.”

So up she went, fears and all.

“I ended up doing that and the feeling at the end was pretty incredible,” she said. “So now I won’t be that 80-year-old woman, so mission accomplished.”

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Class 1A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:42:18 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Minneapolis North 24-1
2. Nevis 22-1
3. Heritage Christian 20-3
4. Central Minnesota Christian 20-3
5. Goodhue 23-2
6. Springfield 22-2
7. Red Lake 18-4
8. Spring Grove 22-3
9. Ada-Borup 20-2
10. Red Rock Central 21-2
11. Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdahl 18-3
12. North Woods 21-1
13. Browerville-Eagle Valley 20-3
14. Cedar Mountain-Comfrey 21-2
15. Prairie Seeds Academy 16-4
16. Win-E-Mac 20-5
17. Westbrook-Walnut Grove 19-4
18. Lake Park-Audubon 17-6
19. Battle Lake 17-5
20. Stephen-Argyle 20-3

Class 2A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:41:52 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Minnehaha Academy 19-5
2. Caledonia 21-4
3. Melrose 23-0
4. Crosby-Ironton 19-1
5. St. Cloud Cathedral 21-2
6. Esko 21-2
7. Perham 21-2
8. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 19-3
9. New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 23-2
10. Watertown-Mayer 20-3
11. Eden Valley-Watkins 17-4
12. Annandale 19-4
13. Jordan 21-3
14. Jackson County Central 20-4
15. Holdingford 18-4
16. Breckenridge 19-2
17. Lake City 17-6
18. Pine Island 20-4
19. Brooklyn Center 17-7
20. Detroit Lakes 13-8

Class 3A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:41:22 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. DeLaSalle 20-2
2. Austin 22-1
3. Mahtomedi 20-2
4. Orono 18-5
5. Marshall 23-2
6. Minneapolis Henry 17-7
7. Delano 18-5
8. Columbia Heights 18-6
9. St. Thomas Academy 18-5
10. Totino-Grace 12-11
11. Fergus Falls 21-3
12. Waseca 21-3
13. Alexandria 16-5
14. St. Paul Highland Park 19-4
15. Grand Rapids 19-5
16. Zimmerman 15-8
17. Waconia 12-10
18. Big Lake 15-8
19. Bemidji 15-7
20. Rocori 13-10

Class 4A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:40:33 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Champlin Park 22-0
2. Maple Grove 21-2
3. Apple Valley 21-2
4. Lakeville North 21-2
5. Wayzata 20-3
6. Hopkins 18-5
7. East Ridge 18-5
8. Tartan 21-3
9. Robbinsdale Armstrong 17-6
10. New Prague 20-3
11. Woodbury 17-6
12. Osseo 17-6
13. Park Center 17-6
14. Cretin-Derham Hall 16-7
15. Eden Prairie 13-10
16. Edina 14-8
17. Chaska 18-5
18. Bloomington Jefferson 18-4
19. Rogers 19-4
20. Rochester John Marshall 20-3

Class 1A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:39:42 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Mountain Iron-Buhl 22-1
2. Goodhue 20-4
3. Wheaton-Herman-Norcross 24-0
4. Cromwell-Wright 19-3
5. Mankato Loyola 21-2
6. Ada-Borup 20-1
7. Maranatha Christian 16-6
8. Red Lake 18-2
9. Bigfork 24-0
10. Southwest MN Christian (Edgerton) 18-3
11. Granada-Huntley-East Chain-Truman-Martin Luther 21-4
12. Lyle-Pacelli 19-6
13. Red Rock Central 21-3
14. Heritage Christian 16-6
15. Lester Prairie-Holy Trinity 18-5
16. Mayer Lutheran 16-7
17. Cedar Mountain-Comfrey 17-5
18. Canby 19-3
19. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 16-6
20. Stephen-Argyle 17-5

Class 2A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:39:17 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Roseau 21-0
2. Sauk Centre 21-1
3. Plainview-Elgin-Millville 22-2
4. Norwood-Young America 23-1
5. Watertown-Mayer 21-3
6. New London-Spicer 19-3
7. Eden Valley-Watkins 19-3
8. Minnehaha Academy 17-4
9. Hayfield 20-4
10. Rush City 19-0
11. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 22-1
12. Staples-Motley 17-3
13. St. Peter 20-3
14. Pipestone 22-1
15. St. Croix Lutheran 18-5
16. Barnesville 18-4
17. Esko 18-5
18. New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 19-5
19. Annandale 13-9
20. St. Cloud Cathedral 18-5

Class 3A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:38:38 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Hutchinson 17-5
2. Alexandria 20-3
3. Orono 18-4
4. Holy Angels 20-3
5. Grand Rapids 20-3
6. Northfield 18-5
7. Winona 18-4
8. Mahtomedi 19-3
9. Kasson-Mantorville 19-5
10. Hermantown 20-3
11. Zimmerman 21-3
12. New Ulm 21-4
13. Waseca 16-6
14. St. Paul Como Park 16-7
15. Bloomington Kennedy 13-9
16. Red Wing 15-6
17. St. Anthony 16-5
18. Willmar 14-8
19. Fergus Falls 12-11
20. Simley 13-10

Class 4A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/23/2017 3:38:10 PM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Hopkins 23-0
2. Elk River 23-0
3. Lakeville North 21-2
4. St. Michael-Albertville 17-4
5. Eastview 18-5
6. Apple Valley 19-4
7. Wayzata 18-5
8. Park Center 17-5
9. Champlin Park 18-5
10. East Ridge 18-5
11. Edina 17-7
12. Roseville 19-4
13. Centennial 18-5
14. White Bear Lake 15-8
15. Minnetonka 10-11
16. Andover 15-8
17. Rochester Mayo 16-6
18. Cooper 20-3
19. Rosemount 13-10
20. Woodbury 13-9

Despite Lopsided Outcome, 'It Was A Lot Of Fun'
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/22/2017 4:48:42 PM

What a bummer, right? The girls hockey team from Mankato East/Loyola came to the state tournament for the first time and lost by 10 goals. That’s a bummer, right?

Well, yes, of course. Nobody wants to lose at state and nobody wants to lose 10-0. There were some mitigating circumstances in play during the opening game Wednesday in the Class 1A state tournament at Xcel Energy Center.

*The East/Loyola Cougars were stone-cold rookies at this (a combined Mankato East/West team went to state in 1999, which was before any of the current players were born).

*The team from St. Paul United is not new to this endeavor. United was the state runner-up last season and also played at state in 2014. Only five or six United players were new to the state tourney experience Wednesday.

Such things can make a difference. A big difference.

“They’re a good team and we weren’t expecting anything less,” said East/Loyola senior center Ali Schreiber. “They came out ready to play.”

That is a true statement. United scored three goals before the game was five and a half minutes old. The score was 4-0 after the first period and 9-0 after two. United outshot the Cougars 41-9, with Joie Phelps scoring three goals and Samantha Burke and Maggie Conners getting two apiece.

“The effort was there early and all game; they capitalized on a few early opportunities,” said East/Loyola coach Nate Fuller, who coached New Prague to state in 2005 and 2006. “We had some chances early and came up short. The game kind of snowballed. I think their speed and puck handling overwhelmed us, for sure. For us to come out and play a team that good and not be our sharpest, it put us in a hole big time.”

St. Paul United, a cooperative team with players from Visitation and St. Paul Academy and Summit School, is the second seed in the tournament. Their record of 20-6-1 includes five games against teams playing in the 1A or 2A state tournaments. Mankato East/Loyola (17-8-1) has played only team that’s at state (Northfield in 1A).

Phelps, who is playing at state for the third time, said it’s always special.

“We need to be good role models for the younger kids,” she said. “The atmosphere can be super intimidating.”

Conners said, “You have to appreciate the experience, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to be here. But you also have to focus on the game, which is what we tried to do.”

They clearly were focused, putting 19 shots on net in the opening 17 minutes. United’s talents were simply too much for the Cougars.

“The girls were pretty excited to play and it was a good nervousness,” Fuller said. “We wanted to keep their shots to the outside, block shots, not give up a whole lot of odd-man rushes. We knew this was going to be an un uphill battle. We’re capable of playing at a better level. But that’s a really good team.”

East/Loyola will play at Ridder Arena in the consolation bracket Thursday morning against Hibbing/Chisholm, which lost to Warroad 5-2 in Wednesday’s second quarterfinal game. The Cougars will take some good things with them from the big NHL arena in downtown St. Paul.

“It was a really great experience being here for the first time,” Schreiber said. “We came out ready to play and it was a lot of fun.”

New Look For Hibbing/Chisholm

Pete Hyduke was the coach at Hibbing/Chisholm for 16 years and took the Bluejackets to state eight times (with three runner-up finishes). The veteran stepped aside last summer because he knew there was someone on the staff ready to become head coach. That person was Emily Erickson, who led the Bluejackets to state in her first season at the helm.

“It’s been fun,” said Erickson, who was an assistant coach for three years. “I came into a program that had a solid foundation and the kids have been great. There’s always something to learn, which we’ve done as a team this year. That’s what I’m trying to do, too, to keep learning.”

Input From Afar

The Warroad Warriors scored three goals in the second period against Hibbing/Chisholm but they thought it should have been four goals. Using video replay, the officials confirmed their original call that no goal was scored because the puck had been kicked in.

After the game, Warroad coach David Marvin disagreed. “I got two text messages from refs back home saying it was a good goal and there was no kicking.”

Marvin also talked about the difficulties of facing Twin Cities traffic, mentioning the team’s plan to eat dinner Wednesday at the hotel where the players’ parents are staying and then returning to the arena to watch Wednesday’s evening session.

“In Warroad you can play a round of golf and catch some fish in a day,” he said. “Down here it’s like, ‘Well, let’s try to get a meal and get back.’ ”

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Timberwolves' Cole Aldrich: The Pride Of Bloomington Jefferson
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/19/2017 1:26:46 PM

With another NBA All-Star break at hand, Cole Aldrich is doing what he has done throughout his seven-year career as a professional basketball player: Get together with his entourage, his posse, his crew.

The thing is, Aldrich’s entourage consists of his high school buddies from Bloomington Jefferson. Their 10-year class reunion will take place this summer and Aldrich will stand out for two reasons: he is 6-foot-11 and he plays in the NBA. And yet he remains nothing more than one of the guys, just like in high school.

“My high school buddies have always been my best friends,” Aldrich said during a recent interview before a Timberwolves practice. “I’ve met thousands and thousands of different people in different states and played with a number of teammates, but those are always my guys. We have a mass text with each other and we just sit there and talk crap to each other.”

Aldrich’s ties with Bloomington Jefferson are deep. He was a varsity starter from his first game as a ninth-grader and after graduation played at Kansas University for three years before being taken by New Orleans with the 11th pick in the 2010 draft. That same day New Orleans traded his rights to Oklahoma City, and his NBA career has taken him to Houston, Sacramento, the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers and now the Timberwolves. (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images.)

Cole was 15 years old the first time I interviewed him, after the second game of his ninth-grade season. He was 6-foot-9 and 225 pounds. As I wrote in that story for the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“The raw material is certainly there. Aldrich has good feet, a soft touch and a wingspan of 7-4. Genes might be a factor. According to Walter (his father), there are rumors of an 8-foot-tall Norwegian lurking somewhere back deep in the family trees. The freshman isn't quite a human swizzle stick, but he could use some biscuits and gravy. And, most important, some time to grow up.”

Back then it was hard, even for Jefferson head coach Jeff Evens, to envision Aldrich as a seven-year NBA veteran.

“When he was a kid I didn’t really think he would be a big Division I player,” Evens said recently. “But his picture should be right next to ‘Jefferson basketball’ in the dictionary.”

Aldrich was named the 2007 Star Tribune Metro Player of the Year as a senior, when he was a 61 percent shooter who averaged 23 points, 17 rebounds and four blocks per game. His only appearance in a state tournament came that season, with the Jaguars losing to Apple Valley 68-66 in the big-school quarterfinals at Williams Arena. Aldrich has not forgotten many details of that game from 10 years ago.

He finished with 32 points and 21 rebounds in his last high school game, but the final time he touched the ball – in the final seconds -- really stands out. “I took kind of a half-court heave and if it would have been like three inches left I think I would have sunk it,” he said. “But it kind of hit right at that side.”

He can laugh about it now, especially when one of his buddies brings it up.

“He’s still pretty down to earth,” Evens said. “Other than size, you wouldn’t recognize that he’s a professional athlete. The impact that he makes is that he doesn’t stray too far from his roots. He knows where he started. His best buddies to this day are the kids he played basketball with in high school.”

During All-Star breaks as well as in the summer, Aldrich likes to work out with current Jefferson players. He also takes part in an annual golf fundraiser for the Jaguars team. As always has been the case, he brings the fun with him. (This photo is from high school.)

“He’s the same goofy kid that he always was,” Evens said. “When he was in high school, I made a comment that I really hated raking leaves, and for two consecutive weekends Cole and his buddies dumped like 18 bags of leaves in my yard. They did it late at night so I didn’t know who did it. But one of the bags ended up in the hoop in my yard, so it was clear somebody who was really tall did that.”

Aldrich and his wife Britt have been married for almost four years. She attended Irondale High School – 25 miles from Bloomington Jefferson – but they didn’t meet until they were both in their first year at Kansas. Cole is being paid more than $7 million this season, the first year of a three-year Timberwolves contract worth more than $21 million.

The NBA is most assuredly a business, but mention high school basketball and Aldrich’s eyes light it up. It’s clear he treasures that time in his life, mostly because he simply had fun. And that’s a major portion of his advice for current high school athletes.

“Just enjoy it,” he said. “My parents wouldn’t know how to tape a game and sit there and break it down with me. There was no way my dad was doing that. I think that kind of helped me become successful; I didn’t really have that pressure. I was playing and I was having fun. The only pressure that was on me was what I was giving myself.

“I almost played football and baseball in high school. And he (Evens) was kind of all for it. He said, ‘I think you should have fun in high school.’ For me now, looking back at it, I had a great time playing with my buddies.”

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State Dance Recap: High Kick
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/18/2017 10:12:37 PM

Congratulations to all the teams competing in the state dance team tournament at Target Center over the weekend. Saturday's event was the high kick competition and here's a recap of the results:

Class 1A Finals
1. Aitkin
3. Yellow Medicine East
4. Lac quie Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd
5. Cannon Falls
6. Frazee

Class 2A Finals
1. Sartell-St. Stephen
2. Totino-Grace
3. Faribault
4. Rocori
5. St. Cloud Cathedral
6. Benilde-St. Margaret’s

Class 3A Finals
1. Eastview
2. Wayzata
3. Lakeville North
4. Brainerd
5. Lakeville South
6. Chaska

All-Tournament Teams
Class 1A
Aitkin Shelly Stephani
Aitkin Courtney Conner
Frazee Juliana Diemert
Frazee Cassidy Nelson
Marshall School, Duluth Clarissa Pederson
Marshall School, Duluth Katie Cherro
Lac qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd Savannah Erickson
Lac qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd Josie Munsterman
St. Charles Allie Doty
St. Charles Emily Reps
Yellow Medicine East, Granite Falls Raelin Enstad
Yellow Medicine East, Granite Falls Rachel Trudel

Class 2A
Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park Morgan Hovanec
Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park Megan Benson
Faribault Madisson Morris
Faribault Jacki Rindahl
Rocori, Cold Spring Madalynn Hansen
Rocori, Cold Spring Emily Lindell
Sartell-St. Stephen Rachel Ruff
Sartell-St. Stephen Macy Senn
St. Cloud Cathedral Nicole Prom
St. Cloud Cathedral Annie Kunkel
Totino-Grace, Fridley Julie Hartwig
Totino-Grace, Fridley Nicole Sperling

Class 3A
Brainerd Avery Davidge
Brainerd Chole Hollen
Chaska Maddie Siegel
Chaska Mara Rydland
Eastview, Apple Valley Hanna Schroeder
Eastview, Apple Valley McKinley Espinda Banick
Lakeville North Leah Eggan
Lakeville North Kailey McCollough
Lakeville South Cassie Johnson
Lakeville South Tia Yorek
Wayzata Grace Burnett
Wayzata Megan Schumacher

State Dance Recap: Jazz
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/18/2017 1:19:49 PM

Congratulations to all the teams competing in the state dance team tournament at Target Center. Friday's event was the jazz competition and here's a recap of the results:

Class 1A Finals
1 Aitkin
2 Frazee
3 Yellow Medicine East
4 St. Charles
5 LqPV/Dawson-Boyd
6 Duluth Marshall

Class 2A Finals
1 Benilde-St. Margaret's
2 Totino-Grace
3 Sartell-Saint Stephen
4 Rocori
5 Fairbault
6. Mound Westonka

Class 3A Finals
1 Eastview
2 Maple Grove
3 Edina
4 Wayzata
5 Prior Lake
6 Lakeville North

All-Tournament Teams

Class 1A
Aitkin Shelly Stephani
Aitkin Courtney Conner
Frazee Juliana Diemert
Frazee Cassidy Nelson
Marshall School, Duluth Clarissa Pederson
Marshall School, Duluth Katie Cherro
*Lac qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd Savannah Erickson
*Lac qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd Josie Munsterman
St. Charles Allie Doty
St. Charles Emily Reps
Yellow Medicine East, Granite Falls Raelin Enstad

Class 2A
Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park Molly Segner
Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park CiCi Fortney
*Faribault Alana Bresnahan
*Faribault Gracie Donahue
Mound Westonka Sydney Ryan
Mound Westonka Bailey Kahmeyer
Rocori, Cold Spring Isabella Torborg
Rocori, Cold Spring Madeline Spanier
Sartell-St. Stephen Alyssa Brix
Sartell-St. Stephen Sloan Schwarzentraub
Totino-Grace, Fridley Julia Johnston
Totino-Grace, Fridley Allie Wollman

Class 3A
Eastview, Apple Valley Katherine Hebig
Eastview, Apple Valley Mikayla Koles
Edina Etta Winje
Edina Verena Stockl
Lakeville North Abbie Zell
Lakeville North Beth Bauerman
Maple Grove Chole Bauer
Maple Grove Shelby Dobratz
Prior Lake Emily Schriever
Prior Lake Erin Palmer
Wayzata Jenna Rathbun
Wayzata Leah Kasner

A Full House, High Drama And A Night To Remember
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/18/2017 12:27:28 AM

A fellow walked into a high school gym at 6:15 p.m. on Friday and walked out at 10:25 p.m., having lost all track of the time. As he stuck the car key into the ignition, he said to himself, “Man oh man that was really fun.”

The fellow says that a lot, because he’s fortunate to be employed in a position that takes him to high school events all across Minnesota. And this is a time of year, with a lot on the line, when dramatic and fantastic things happen everywhere you turn. One example from Friday night: the girls hockey team from Roseau defeated Brainerd/Little Falls 3-2 in a four-overtime game in Bemidji that sent the Rams to next week’s state tournament. You just know that everyone who was there in person will never forget it.

That is high drama, and that is also what took place at Rosemount High School. The sport was wrestling, and this was special. Here’s the tantalizing backstory …

On Dec. 1, in the opening match of the season for both teams, Shakopee went to Apple Valley and defeated the Eagles 29-28. That was the Eagles’ first dual-match defeat to a Minnesota team since 2006. Apple Valley has won the last 11 Class 3A state team titles and that Dec. 1 result upended the wrestling world in our state. Since that day, the Shakopee Sabers have held the No. 1 ranking in 3A with the Eagles No. 2.

Friday’s event was the Section 2 team tournament. Both teams won easily in the quarterfinals and semifinals, setting up the rematch that everyone knew was coming since that first day in December and that would send the winning team to state.

Apple Valley has qualified for every team state tournament since 1982. The question was: Can the Sabers end that streak?

And if that wasn’t enough of a storyline, how about this? Second-year Shakopee coach Jim Jackson spent 32 years at Apple Valley. His record as head coach there was 618-27-3 and the Eagles won 14 team state titles under him.

The anticipation was high and the wrestling lived up to it and more. The Sabers won three of the first four matches and led 10-3. The first sign that it might be the Eagles’ night came in the fifth match at 132 pounds. Shakopee senior Brent Jones is top-ranked at the weight and holds three state titles. But an Eagles sophomore named Sebas Swiggum pulled off the stunner, beating Jones 7-5 in overtime.

This Tweet was issued by @AVHSAthletics at 9:27 p.m.: “Regardless of the outcome, this has been an awesome night for Minnesota wrestling.”

The next big bolt of thunder came at 195 pounds. Another Apple Valley sophomore, Tyler Kim, scored in the final seconds to beat Shakopee senior Abe Ngaima 5-4. That forged a 19-19 tie, the fifth deadlock of the dual and sent the Eagles and their fans into a frenzy.

An 8-5 win by Apple Valley’s Tanyi Besong at 220 was the all-but clincher, with the Eagles leading 22-19 and the top-ranked heavyweight in the nation up next.

In the middle of that 220 match, the fellow received this Twitter dispatch from someone who knows Besong well: “Thank you so much for these Tweets. I am an airline pilot and my brother is wrestling so I'm ‘watching’ your tweets from airport.”

Gable Steveson, Apple Valley’s unbeaten and two-time state champion junior at 285 pounds, won by fall in 38 seconds to cap the evening and give the Eagles a 28-19 victory.

A few minutes later Gable told me, “After we lost on December first, I think it set a fire under the team. Today we came in and showed that we can wrestle with these guys. We can wrestle with anybody out there; we’re toe to toe, we’re head to head with everybody.”

Dalen Wasmund, who moved from assistant coach to head coach when Jackson left Apple Valley in 2012, gathered his wrestlers around him for a post-match chat. There were grins and hugs in the huddle.

“Sebas Swiggum beats a three-time state champion, how can it get any better than that?,” Wasmund said after the cluster broke up. “That was a real key match. Then we won at 152 by one. And to kind of salt it away, our 95-pounder gets a takedown with less than two seconds to go. All those really close things kind of added up to a victory for us. We’re just really happy, really proud of the kids.”

Jackson, who has been through the wrestling wars for a long time, took the long view.

“It was a great experience to be in this kind of situation. And you know, it’s all about learning and improving,” he said. “They won a couple of really close matches, which obviously when you win the close matches that’s big. There were a lot of close matches. They won at 32 and that was a big one, and at 95. I’m proud of our kids, I’m proud of how they competed. I thought it was a heck of a dual meet for the fans and it was great for high school wrestling.”

Indeed it was. The gym was overflowing with humans, including large student sections from both schools that kept the volume turned up to 11. At the above-mentioned key moments, fans roared, wrestlers leaped into the air, and everyone had the same thought: Man oh man this is really fun.

Everyone who was there will never forget it.

*Schools/teams John has seen/visited: 407
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Coming From Behind In State Nordic Skiing
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/16/2017 4:27:49 PM

BIWABIK -- Xavier Mansfield didn’t come out of nowhere to win the boys Nordic skiing state championship Thursday at Giants Ridge. The senior from Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony Village, however, had some ground to make up in order to capture the gold medal.

Mansfield finished third in the morning 5K freestyle race. Eagan senior Patrick Acton finished with a five-second lead over William Kerker of Minneapolis Southwest in that race, with Mansfield 15 seconds behind Foss (and 20 seconds behind Acton). In the afternoon 5K classical pursuit race, the skiers leave the starting line in the order they finished the morning race. So Acton went out with a five-second head start on Kerker and 20 seconds ahead of Mansfield.

The margin vanished by the 2K mark and the trio of seniors skied together until reaching the 3K point. Mansfield pulled away, picking up speed on the downhill portion and finishing with a nine-second margin over Acton in combined times from the two races. Mansfield won the classical race by nearly 30 seconds, with Acton second and Kerker third.

“I was just trying to catch them,” Mansfield said. “They had a good skate race and I felt having them to chase helped a little bit with motivation. I knew it would be hard, but I had confidence going in that I could catch them and hopefully just stay ahead of them on the downhill.

“Sometimes it comes down to whoever has the fast skis coming down the hill, no matter how hard you work at going up.”

Acton also finished second last year to then-Bloomington Jefferson senior Zak Katterson. Mansfield was third a year ago and Kerker was sixth.

Manfield’s time Thursday was 28:23.2, Acton finished in 28.32.2 and Kerker’s time was 28:35.6.

In the boys team competition, Minneapolis Southwest claimed the state title for the second year in a row with a score of 421, followed by Wazyata at 405 and St. Paul Highland Park at 385.

Northern Minnesota girls finished first and second in their portion of the competition. Ely senior Erin Bianco won the state championship, followed by Cloquet-Esko-Carlton senior Anja Maijala. St. Paul Highland Park senior Erin Moening was third.

Maijala was the leader after the 5K freestyle race, followed by Bianco and Anna Johnson of Mesabi East. Maijala held a four-second lead over Bianco with Johnson 11 seconds behind Bianco; Moening was seventh.

In the 5K classical pursuit, Bianco came on strong as Maijala battled a shoulder injury that hampered her speed.

“Erin caught me right away,” Maijala said. “That was kind of my plan because I did not know how it was going to go. My shoulder was bothering me a ton after the race and I was really trying to power through with my legs. It’s been bothering me the whole week. I was trying to hold on to Erin but I had so much pain the whole time so it was really hard.”

Even after Bianco took the lead she worried about the pack chasing her.

“I knew that everyone was super close behind so I wasn’t like super confident but I just wanted to be around people, and Anja definitely really pushed me,” she said. “I couldn’t have raced that way without her.”

Erin’s combined time was 32:20.0, with Maijala finishing in 32:26.7 and Moening in 32:49.6.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to lose to anyone else,” Maijala said. “She’s been the top skier in our area, always in the top bunch, since I joined skiing in eighth grade.”

In the girls team race, Ely took home the state championship with a score 413. Armstrong was second at 394 and Minneapolis Southwest finished third at 368.

*Schools/teams John has seen/visited: 403
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Friends, Competitors Finish 1-2 In Girls Alpine Skiing
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/15/2017 4:46:06 PM

BIWABIK -- When best friends finish in front of the pack, everybody’s happy. That was the situation Wednesday after the girls event at the state Alpine ski championships at Giants Ridge. Blake senior Nellie Ide and Orono senior Rosie Hust finished first and second, respectively. That reversed their positions from one year ago, when Hust was second and Ide third behind state champion Maddie Dekko of Blake.

“I was going to be happy either way, because having your friend win is almost as good as winning yourself,” said Hust, who also finished second in 2015 as well as third and fifth in prior years. “We’ve spent a lot of time together.”

Ide said, “This year we’ve been together 100 percent of the time,” as they have traveled to competitions around the country.

Ide’s victory completed a family string of skiers at the state meet, where her two older sisters and brother also competed. She is the first in the family to win a state title.

“It’s pretty fun,” Nellie said. “I’ve definitely been racing here for a long time and there have been a bunch of Ides that have come through. It feels good to end it on a strong note as the last Ide coming through.”

Senior Bailey Servais of Lakeville North placed third in the individual competition. The team title went to Chisago Lakes, followed by Lakeville North and Mankato West.

In the boys event, Northfield senior Elliott Boman notched his second state title. He won in 2015 and skipped last year’s championship because he was competing in national events.

“It feels good to do it twice,” said Boman, who attends Cannon Falls High School and is part of Northfield’s cooperative team.

The boys was runner-up was Chisago Lakes senior Anders Brown, who was the fifth-place finisher as a sophomore. He’s a three-sport athlete who will play baseball at Minnesota-Duluth. He also played football in high school.

“I think the other sports definitely help,” he said. “It’s fun to be able to do different things and come into skiing and not be burned out at all and just have fun each season. I’ve always loved baseball the most but skiing is so much fun, too.”

Sophomore Isaiah Nelson of West Lutheran finished third in the individual competition. The team title went to Minnetonka, followed by Edina and a three-way tie for third among Cook County, Stillwater and Breck.

--To see complete results, go to the MSHSL Facebook page.

*Schools/teams John has seen/visited: 371
*Miles John has driven in the Toyota Camry in 2016-17: 8,294
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Gymnastics Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/14/2017 9:31:49 PM

Provided by the gymnastics coaches association.

1 Detroit Lakes 8A 151.608
2 Melrose Area 6A 148.992
3 Willmar 6A 146.008
4 Austin 1A 145.375
5 Becker 7A 144.108
6 Perham 8A 144.033
7 Worthington 3A 143.692
8 Pine Island 1A 142.650
9 Sartell-Saint Stephen 7A 142.533
10 Mahtomedi 4A 142.158
11 North Branch 7A 142.108
12 Mankato West 2A 141.942
13 Watertown-Mayer/Mound-Westonka 5A 141.450
14 Jackson County Central 3A 141.433
15 Monticello 7A 140.050
16 Byron-Lourdes 1A 139.917
17 Big Lake 7A 139.867
18 Waconia 2A 139.433
19 New London-Spicer 6A 139.292
20 Hendricks/RTR 3A 138.317
21 Martin County Area 3A 138.092
22 Fergus Falls 8A 137.850
23 Benson-KMS-Montevideo 6A 137.683
24 Rush City/Pine City/Hinckley-F. 7A 136.550
25 Alexandria 8A 136.258

1 Lakeville North 2AA 149.067
2 Owatonna 1AA 148.167
3 St. Cloud Tech 8AA 146.933
4 Stillwater 4AA 145.942
5 Roseville Area 4AA 145.608
6 Cambridge-Isanti 7AA 145.258
7 Lakeville South 2AA 145.250
8 Farmington 1AA 143.942
9 Maple Grove 5AA 143.675
10 Anoka 7AA 143.550
11 Champlin Park 5AA 143.525
12 Eagan 3AA 143.333
13 Brainerd 8AA 143.317
14 Prior Lake 2AA 142.550
15 Rosemount 3AA 141.808
16 Forest Lake 7AA 141.125
17 Wayzata 5AA 140.842
18 Park Center 5AA 140.317
19 New Prague 2AA 140.075
20 Saint Michael-Albertville 8AA 140.033
21 Rogers 5AA 139.850
22 Edina 6AA 139.500
23 Minnetonka 6AA 139.042
24 East Ridge 3AA 138.508
25 Saint Francis 7AA 137.517

New Boys Basketball Award Named For Bob McDonald
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/13/2017 8:18:22 PM

February 13, 2017

Press Release: Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association

Subject: Announcement of the Establishment of the McDonald Award

The Minnesota Boys Basketball Coaches Association is proud and honored to announce the establishment of the McDonald Award. This award will be presented annually to the outstanding Senior Basketball Player of the Year beginning with the 2017-18 basketball season.

The award is named in honor of Bob McDonald, a legend and icon in Chisholm, the state of Minnesota, and the nation for his accomplishments as a coach and his commitment to educating students. Coach McDonald served 59 years as a high school basketball coach. Coach McDonald led his teams to 1,012 victories, the only coach in Minnesota hoops history and one of 13 in the nation to accomplish this many wins. He was also known for instilling the values of hard work, teamwork, a strong moral code, and high academic expectations for the students he served on the court and in the classroom. Bob is a member of the MBCA Hall of Fame, the MSHSL Hall of Fame, and the National High School Hall of Fame.

The Award, patterned after the Wooden Award, will include, but not be limited to, qualifications such as exhibiting strength of character, both on and off the court; contributing to team effort ; excelling on both offense and defense; and performance over the course of the entire season. Tentative plans are that the selection committee will include retired and/or Hall of Fame coaches representing geographic locations of the State (NW, NE, SW,SE) and Metropolitan (NW, NE, SW, SE, Minneapolis, St. Paul) areas.

The the establishment of the award is also designed to focus attention on the positive aspects of basketball and the role coaches play in the lives of all the student-athletes they represent and serve. In moving forward, it is the goal of the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association that the McDonald Award will be widely viewed as the top award that a senior high school basketball player in Minnesota can receive.

Guest Submission: "I Hope I Can Become A Coach Like Him"
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/12/2017 3:31:40 PM

The following was sent to me by Matt Gunderson, assistant boys basketball coach at Ogilvie High School. It says a lot about what's truly important in high school athletics and activities.

Our team is hardworking but after having four players leave our team during the year we have had to piece things together. Ogilvie is a very small school where winning isn’t a huge thing so when losses mount frustration can become a very real situation.

On our recent to trip to Kimball for a boys basketball game on Friday, Feb. 10, we knew we were going to have our hands full with a very good Cubs team that was near the top of our section (5A). The bus got there an hour early prior to the JV game so we had plenty of time to shoot and relax.

While the team was shooting around my four-year-old son was with me and he was dribbling a big varsity-sized ball on the baseline when the Kimball head coach, Jay Klein, came up to him and handed him a smaller ball. It was one that you would get from a carnival for playing a game; my son's eyes lit up at the sight of a new ball. Coach Klein didn’t have to do that but he did out of the goodness of his heart.

The junior varsity game went to Kimball 60-38 with both teams battling a close second half that saw Kimball outscore Ogilvie only 24-23 after having a 36-15 halftime lead. Following the JV game, Mr. Klein approached me and gave me very positive comments about the team just by his observation of watching the game.

The varsity game was a bit more one-sided with Kimball winning 91-31. Only having 14 players on the roster (9-12 grade), we don’t have the manpower to compete with most teams for a full game. Fatigue sets in as our rotation contains a core of six players (three seniors and three juniors). After those six we go to our JV players, who aren’t on a varsity level but due to lack of numbers are learning on the fly and working hard doing it.

Now to the reason I’m sending this email. Coach Klein of Kimball came into our locker room after the game and spoke to our players. He gave an example of the Kimball football team, which hasn’t won a game in four years. The way he talked to the players, he has a very sportsmanship-like attitude and cares more about the lives of the students than the game of basketball. As I continue my coaching career I hope I can become a coach like him because a coach like him is what every team needs. No matter if you're undefeated or haven’t won a game, a coach who teaches life lessons that help players become better men first and ballplayers second is very important.

Our head coach in Ogilvie has been trying to teach our kids about life as the year has gone on, and now hearing it from another coach I hope the words we say in practice and in games begin to sink in.

Again, big thank you to Coach Klein for everything that he did. He didn’t have to do any of it but he did anyway.

Matt Gunderson
Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
Ogilvie High School

Class 1A Wrestling Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/10/2017 4:48:23 PM

From The Guillotine.

1. Pierz (7)
2. Frazee (8)
3. Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1)
4. Kenyon-Wanamingo (2)
5. West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6)
6. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (5)
7. Park Rapids Area (8)
8. Minneota (3)
9. Pipestone Area (3)
10. Blue Earth Area (2)
11. Sibley East (4)
12. Staples-Motley (6)
Lean and Mean
Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (7), GMLOS (1), Westfield (2), Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5), Goodhue (1), Dover-Eyota (1), Royalton/Upsala (5), LeSueur-Henderson (2), Windom/Mountain Lake (3), Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (4), St. James Area (3)


106 pounds
1. Ashton Clark, Park Rapids Area (8) 10
2. Blake Legred, United South Central (2) 10
3. Taylor DeFrang, Dover-Eyota (1) 9
4. Grant Budden, Pipestone Area (3) 9
5. Ethan Arett, Westfield (2) 11
6. Caleb Clobes, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area (2) 11
7. Will Magaard, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (5) 9
8. Brett Willaby, Windom/Mountain Lake (3) 9
9. Landon Byer, Frazee (8) 11
10. Jackson Hale, GMLOS (1) 10
113 pounds
1. Jeron Matson, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 10
2. Dayne Morton, Sibley East (4) 11
3. Spencer Miller, Staples-Motley (6) 10
4. Brant Buysse, Minneota (3) 10
5. Canon Swenson, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5) 9
6. Sam Kulseth, St. James Area (3) 10
7. Michael Miller, Frazee (8) 11
8. Dillon McGee, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis (7) 11
9. Tanner Frank, Lake City (1) 11
10. Keon Naranjo, LeSueur-Henderson (2) 12
120 pounds
1. Mark Buringa, St. Charles (1) 10
2. Jake Nohre, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6) 12
3. Hunter Burnett, Pipestone Area (3) 11
4. Tanner Schermerhorn, Frazee (8) 11
5. Jace Geving, Deer River (7) 11
6. Tyler Bents, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5) 12
7. Jack Fuchs, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (8) 10
8. Jake Andres, Pierz (7) 10
9. Nate Williams, Crosby-Ironton (7) 10
10. Josh Lord, Norwood Young America (4) 10
126 pounds
1. Michael Suda, Pipestone Area (3) 11
2. Kyle Cavanaugh, Caledonia (1) 10
3. Jamal Baird, Deer River (7) 11
4. Brady Kish, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 12
5. Owen Bjerga, Staples-Motley (6) 9
6. Shawn Rue, Paynesville Area (5) 9
7. Jacob Carlson, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (5) 12
8. Mathew Pollock, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (8) 9
9. Drake Swanson, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6) 12
10. Tagen Miller, Wabasha-Kellogg (1) 10
132 pounds
1. Tanner Reetz, Frazee (8) 12
2. Tanner Pasvogel, Sibley East (4) 12
3. Eric Lisson, Staples-Motley (6) 12
4. Brandon Ortman, Pierz (7) 12
5. Gage Zieske, Osakis (5) 11
6. Alex Borsgard, Windom/Mountain Lake (3) 11
7. Nolan Booge, Park Rapids Area (8) 12
8. Jackson Held, Royalton/Upsala (5) 10
9. Seth Brossard, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 10
10. Brandon Reiss, Minneota (3) 12
138 pounds
1. Lane Heim, St. Charles (1) 12
2. Brenn Olson, GMLOS (1) 12
3. Wallace Michels, Norwood Young America (4) 12
4. Jacob Tvinnereim, Jackson County Central (3) 11
5. Kaden Spindler, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6) 11
6. Lincoln Arndt, Maple River (2) 11
7. Brady Tweeton, Barnesville (6) 11
8. Austin DeVlaeminck, Minneota (3) 12
9. Michael Petron, Royalton/Upsala (5) 12
10. Willie Von Ruden, Medford (2) 9
145 pounds
1. Jake Mandt, Chatfield (1) 11
2. Adam Jaeger, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (5) 11
3. Zach Schneider, Caledonia (1) 11
4. Mason Voight, Sibley East (4) 12
5. Kaleb O’Reilly, Goodhue (1) 10
6. Cole Klinkner, Blue Earth Area (2) 12
7. Shane Whitcomb, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (4) 12
8. Chandler Mooney, Roseau (8) 10
9. Tanner Eischens, Frazee (8) 11
10. Andrew Tomala, Pierz (7) 12
152 pounds
1. Tyler Ryan, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 10
2. Kelby O’Reilly, Goodhue (1) 10
3. Zach Buseman, Blue Earth Area (2) 11
4. Matt Schindler, Eden Valley-Watkins (4) 11
5. Maverick Jackson, Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1) 12
6. Keaton Long, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6) 12
7. Jared Sunram, Park Rapids Area (8) 12
8. Ian Frenzel, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (7) 10
9. McKinley Bush, Pipestone Area (3) 12
10. Colton Waldvogel, Osakis (5) 11
160 pounds
1. Dalton Wagner, Jackson County Central (3) 11
2. Luke Wilson, LeSueur-Henderson (2) 12
3. Justin Dravis, Park Rapids Area (8) 12
4. Dylan Craig, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 12
5. Colton Krell, Westfield (2) 9
6. Tyler Onstad, West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville (6) 12
7. Derek Krieger, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (5) 12
8. Bennett Sikkink, St. Charles (1) 12
9. Sam Nordquist, Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1) 11
10. Colin Maines, Trinity School at River Ridge (4) 12
170 pounds
1. Bailee O’Reily, Goodhue (1) 12
2. Alex Erpelding, Staples-Motley (6) 12
3. Brett Kapsner, Pierz (7) 12
4. Keaton Schaefer, Dover-Eyota (1) 12
5. Alec Bueltel, Minneota (3) 12
6. Jeremiah Colon, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Area (2) 11
7. Brandin Dahl, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (5) 12
8. Cody Dravis, Park Rapids Area (8) 10
9. Garrett Ploeger, Pipestone Area (3) 11
10. Blake Skogstad, Roseau (8) 12
182 pounds
1. Caden Steffen, Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1) 11
2. Noah Deck, Maple River (2) 12
3. Matt Kummett, Pierz (7) 12
4. Josh Soine, New London-Spicer (5) 12
5. Nolan Prokott, Holdingford (5) 12
6. Everett VanHecke, Minneota (3) 12
7. Logan Quam, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 11
8. Jacob Arends, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (8) 11
9. Kenny Hesse, Aitkin (7) 12
10. Tristan Rieken, Westfield (2) 10
195 pounds
1. Chris Bain, GMLOS (1) 12
2. Jacob Bennet, Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1) 10
3. Jason Kasella, Royalton/Upsala (5) 11
4. Cody Voight, Sibley East (4) 12
5. Jared Armon, Blue Earth Area (2) 12
6. Jake Erckenbrck, New York Mills (6) 11
7. Kieran Johnson, Barnesville (6) 12
8. Dylan Gyberg, Adrian (3) 12
9. Tyler VanLuik, Minnewaska Area (5) 9
10. Johnathan Smid, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (7) 12
220 pounds
1. Reid Seelhammer, Dover-Eyota (1) 12
2. Trenton Rogich, LeSueur-Henderson (2) 12
3. Jarret Heglund, Zumbrota-Mazeppa (1) 11
4. Devin Pries, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River (8) 12
5. Jacob Bittman, Park Rapids Area (8) 12
6. Shawn Hillesheim, St. James Area (3) 12
7. Rory Drewes, Frazee (8) 12
8. Kaya Lindell, Kenyon-Wanamingo (2) 10
9. Hunter Wilcowski, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (7) 11
10. Tony Kierstead, Holdingford (5) 12
285 pounds
1. Trent Esping, Minneota (3) 11
2. Trey Chatman, Westfield (2) 12
3. Alex Aarsvold, Pine Island (1) 12
4. Bradey Berg, Barnesville (6) 12
5. Chase Johnson, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (7) 11
6. Jared Rabbit, Deer River (7) 12
7. Tanner Kurtzweg, Sibley East (4) 12
8. Tony Malikowski, Frazee (8) 10
9. Walker Neinaber, Holdingford (5) 12
10. Jett Saewert, New York Mills (6) 12

Class 2A Wrestling Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/10/2017 4:47:32 PM

From The Guillotine.

1. Kasson-Mantorville (1)
2. Scott West (2)
3. Simley (4)
4. Perham (8)
5. Foley (6)
6. Albert Lea Area (1)
7. Hutchinson (2)
8. Waconia (2)
9. Totino-Grace (5)
10. Litchfield (6)
11. New Prague (2)
12. Thief River Falls (8)
Lean and Mean
Annandale/Maple Lake (6), Bemidji (8), Delano (6), Detroit Lakes (8), Grand Rapids (7), Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), Wabasso/Red Rock Central (3), Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran (2), Worthington (3)


106 pounds
1. Matt Petersen, Byron (1) 12
2. Jaxson Rohman, Fairmont/Martin County West (3) 8
3. Nathan Garceau, Foley (6) 11
4. Nic Cantu, Albert Lea Area (1) 9
5. Kyle Boeke, Princeton (7) 8
6. Quinn Kern, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie (8) 10
7. Bennett Berge, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 7
8. Nick Johnson, Tri-City United (2) 10
9. Carter Sorenson, Fosston/Bagley (8) 8
10. Ryan Nosbush, Mora (7) 10
113 pounds
1. Charlie Pickell, Mankato West (2) 9
2. Jake Svihel, Totino-Grace (5) 10
3. Ben Naddy, Ottertail Central (8) 11
4. Ryan Sokol, Simley (4) 8
5. Jared Johnson, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 11
6. Kyle Lundberg, Grand Rapids (7) 12
7. Gabe Bellefeuille, Perham (8) 9
8. Joe Peterson, Albert Lea Area (1) 9
9. Nick Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1) 11
10. Carson Tschudi, Delano (6) 8
120 pounds
1. Garrett Vos, Waconia (2) 12
2. Justin Sampson, Waseca (2) 11
3. Cole Jones, Grand Rapids (7) 12
4. Tanner Kroells, Delano (6) 10
5. Jacob Prunty, Worthington (3) 11
6. Afton Kaping, Litchfield (6) 11
7. Cade Lundeen, Thief River Falls (8) 10
8. Leighton Rach, Perham (8) 10
9. Robby Horsman, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 10
10. Justin Stauffacher, Scott West (2) 10
126 pounds
1. Jake Gliva, Simley (4) 11
2. Reed DeFrang, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1) 12
3. Jackson Stauffacher, Scott West (2) 11
4. Prestin Bradley, Dassel-Cokato (6) 10
5. Quinn Youngs, Annandale/Maple Lake (6) 11
6. Brock Luthens, Hutchinson (2) 11
7. Gavin Ignazewski, Albert Lea Area (1) 11
8. Ezra Kaping, Litchfield (6) 11
9. Jon Hall, Milaca (7) 11
10. Zach Ringnell, Fairmont/Martin County West (3) 10
132 pounds
1. Tucker Sjomeling, Delano (6) 12
2. Lorenzo Diaz, South St. Paul (4) 11
3. Ben Nelson, Perham (8) 12
4. Brady Laumb, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 12
5. Wyatt Gillette, St. Peter (2) 12
6. Sam Tibbits, Litchfield (6) 12
7. John Dierkes, Foley (6) 11
8. Sean Howk, New Ulm Area (3) 10
9. Nic Fite, Fridley (5) 11
10. Kellen Schauer, Grand Rapids (7) 10
138 pounds
1. Morgan Fuenffinger, Hibbing (7) 12
2. Keaten Schorr, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 12
3. Ben Adamson, Byron (1) 12
4. Brody Nielsen, Albert Lea Area (1) 11
5. Parker Huss, Scott West (2) 12
6. Quayin Short, Simley (4) 8
7. Tim Stapleton, Waconia (2) 9
8. Jared Rohloff, MAHACA (8) 12
9. Hunter Ranweiler, New Ulm Area (3) 11
10. Braydon Johnson, WEM/JWP (2) 11
145 pounds
1. Garrett Aldrich, Albert Lea Area (1) 12
2. Tyler Wagener, Waconia (2) 11
3. Isaac Haman, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 12
4. Peter Nelson, St. Cloud Apollo (6) 12
5. Jared Schroepfer, Wabasso/Red Rock Central (3) 10
6. Micheal Menth, Totino-Grace (5) 12
7. Logan Nelson, Litchfield (6) 10
8. Jacob Hageman, Simley (4) 10
9. Jack Fogarty, Scott West (2) 11
10. Braydon Ortloff, Detroit Lakes (8) 11
152 pounds
1. Anthony Jackson, Simley (4) 10
2. McCoy Tekautz, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson (1) 12
3. Zach Glazier, Albert Lea Area (1) 10
4. Justin Schultz, Waconia (2) 12
5. Conner Denman, Cloquet-Esko-Carlton (7) 12
6. Collin Steuber, Fairmont/Martin County West (3) 11
7. Luis Cirilo, St. Paul Johnson (4) 12
8. Josh Bernier , Thief River Falls (8) 11
9. Patrick Voigt, Richfield (5) 12
10. Tim Bialka, Princeton (7) 12
160 pounds
1. Brady Berge, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 12
2. Sakai Kelly, Henry Sibley (4) 12
3. Chase Pomeroy, Winona (1) 12
4. Noah Lefebvre, Foley (6) 12
5. Nick Arguedas, New Prague (2) 12
6. Hayden Strain, Cannon Falls (1) 11
7. Cade Mueller, Waconia (2) 10
8. Noah Hawkins, Thief River Falls (8) 10
9. Evan Lawrence, Mahtomedi (4) 12
10. Gaven Gillman, Dassel-Cokato (6) 12
170 pounds
1. Patrick Kennedy, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 9
2. Solomon Nielsen, Luverne (3) 12
3. Zach Peterson, Perham (8) 10
4. Mason Rutt, Tri-City United (2) 12
5. Nick Altermatt, Wabasso/Red Rock Central (3) 11
6. Preston Burch, Princeton (7) 12
7. Nate Carlson , Annandale/Maple Lake (6) 12
8. Noah Keith, Bloomington Kennedy (5) 12
9. Zack Waln, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie (8) 12
10. Brandon Frisby, Grand Rapids (7) 12
182 pounds
1. Tyler Buesgens, Scott West (2) 11
2. Ryan Duffy, South St. Paul (4) 12
3. Jared Florell, Totino-Grace (5) 12
4. Bobby Striggow, Orono (5) 11
5. Trae Bedford, Annandale/Maple Lake (6) 12
6. Zach Moon, Simley (4) 12
7. Vince Riley, Worthington (3) 12
8. Brennan Rutt, New Prague (2) 10
9. Eric Lopez, Bloomington Kennedy (5) 12
10. Wyatt Martin, Marshall (3) 11
195 pounds
1. Daniel Kerkvliet, Simley (4) 10
2. Saylor Schmit, Foley (6) 11
3. Ty Moser, Perham (8) 10
4. Tyler Stenzel, Hutchinson (2) 12
5. Branan Peralta, Thief River Falls (8) 10
6. Jordan Simonette, Tri-City United (2) 12
7. Will Storch, WEM/JWP (2) 11
8. Davonte Jelle, Hibbing (7) 12
9. Bryce Kallenbach, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran (2) 12
10. Neil Hanson, Milaca (7) 12
220 pounds
1. Noah Ryan, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 12
2. Zachary Jakes, Mankato West (2) 11
3. Travis Capelle, Stewartville (1) 12
4. John Allen, Fridley (5) 12
5. Steven Hajas, Delano (6) 10
6. Alchan Robbs, Bloomington Kennedy (5) 12
7. Chandler Kurth, Hutchinson (2) 12
8. Nate Schutz, Totino-Grace (5) 11
9. Nic Putnam, Worthington (3) 12
10. Alphonso Cooper, St. Paul Washington Tech (4) 12
285 pounds
1. Mitch Trigg, Foley (6) 11
2. Walker Russek , Delano (6) 12
3. Anthony Putz, St. Peter (2) 11
4. Jonathan Staebler, Perham (8) 12
5. Matt Palmer, Albert Lea Area (1) 12
6. Jake Hawkins, Waconia (2) 11
7. Luke Zaiser, Simley (4) 11
8. Ryan Trcka, Tri-City United (2) 11
9. Brett Paulson, Kasson-Mantorville (1) 11
10. Manny Alvarez, Columbia Heights (5) 11

Class 3A Wrestling Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/10/2017 4:46:33 PM

From The Guillotine.

1. Shakopee (2)
2. Apple Valley (2)
3. Anoka (7)
4. St. Francis (7)
5. St. Michael-Albertville (5)
6. Owatonna (1)
7. Prior Lake (2)
8. Hastings (3)
9. Willmar (8)
10. Eagan (3)
11. Eastview (2)
12. Woodbury (3)
Lean and Mean
Cambridge-Isanti (7), Coon Rapids (7), Centennial (4), Wayzata (5), Stillwater Area (4), Little Falls (8), Faribault (1), St. Cloud Tech (8)


106 pounds
1. Reid Ballantyne, Stillwater Area (4) 8
2. Patrick Lockwood, Minneapolis Washburn (6) 10
3. Max Crowe, Shakopee (2) 11
4. Cole West, Woodbury (3) 10
5. Jay Andress, Buffalo (5) 11
6. Luke Peterson, Farmington (1) 9
7. Joey Thompson, Maple Grove (5) 9
8. Regan Schrempp, Apple Valley (2) 9
9. Derrick Cardinal, Forest Lake (7) 8
10. Nathan Nygaard, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 10
113 pounds
1. Aaron Cashman, Shakopee (2) 11
2. Trayton Anderson, Farmington (1) 10
3. Tanner Kunshier, St. Francis (7) 11
4. Adam Mickelson, Apple Valley (2) 10
5. Jackson Penk, Sartell-St. Stephen (8) 10
6. Gunnar Nelson, Park Center (5) 10
7. Brandon Psyk, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 10
8. Chad Orsburn, Brainerd/Pillager (8) 11
9. Azi Rankins, Eden Prairie (6) 10
10. Garrett Pavelko, Rochester Century (1) 9
120 pounds
1. Patrick McKee, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 11
2. Israel Navarro, Willmar (8) 11
3. Colby Njos, Anoka (7) 10
4. Alex Kern, St. Cloud Tech (8) 11
5. Drew Woodley, Northfield (1) 9
6. Zach Smith, Prior Lake (2) 11
7. Boyd Mumbuwa, Minnetonka (6) 11
8. Cole Kubesh, Brainerd/Pillager (8) 12
9. Trey Kruse, Stillwater Area (4) 9
10. Nick Dunagan, Mounds View (4) 10
126 pounds
1. Carson Manville, Shakopee (2) 8
2. Rylee Molitor, Sartell-St. Stephen (8) 12
3. Dylan Droegemueller, Anoka (7) 11
4. Cael Carlson, Willmar (8) 10
5. Curtis LeMair, Prior Lake (2) 11
6. Brady Gross, Apple Valley (2) 10
7. Kaden Gage, Eagan (3) 11
8. Zach Dehmer, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 12
9. Jesse Sattler, Hopkins (6) 12
10. Bret Wilson, Rogers (5) 11
132 pounds
1. Brent Jones, Shakopee (2) 12
2. Clay Carlson, Willmar (8) 11
3. Adam McSorley, Hastings (3) 12
4. Ben Bogart, Alexandria (8) 12
5. Sebas Swiggum, Apple Valley (2) 10
6. Jet Mi Ka, St. Paul Harding (3) 12
7. Mitchell Wilson, St. Francis (7) 12
8. Nate Johnson, Hopkins (6) 12
9. Anthony Meister, Elk River (7) 12
10. Theo Smith, Prior Lake (2) 11
138 pounds
1. Tyler Eischens, Anoka (7) 11
2. Jake Bergeland, Centennial (4) 12
3. Kyle Rathman, Apple Valley (2) 12
4. Mason Hall, St. Francis (7) 12
5. Sam Webster, Shakopee (2) 11
6. Hunter Rajkowski, Sauk Rapids-Rice (8) 12
7. Xavier Rosenbloom, Eagan (3) 12
8. Charlie DesMarais, Buffalo (5) 12
9. Jared Larsen, Rochester Century (1) 12
10. Collin Olevson, Chaska/Chanhassen (6) 12
145 pounds
1. Peyton Robb, Owatonna (1) 11
2. Alex Crowe, Shakopee (2) 12
3. Tyler Shilson, Centennial (4) 12
4. Teddy Pierce, St. Francis (7) 12
5. Austin Braun, Woodbury (3) 12
6. Nate Larson, Apple Valley (2) 11
7. Nick Warne, Rocori (8) 12
8. Luke Dorn, St. Cloud Tech (8) 12
9. Andy Schlosser, Brainerd/Pillager (8) 12
10. Tim Janisch, Blaine (7) 12
152 pounds
1. Alex Lloyd, Shakopee (2) 11
2. Austin Brenner, St. Cloud Tech (8) 11
3. Cade King, Owatonna (1) 10
4. Riley Habisch, Buffalo (5) 10
5. Grant Hendren, Lakeville South (1) 10
6. Will Harter, Stillwater Area (4) 10
7. Neil Schmalz, Mound-Westonka (6) 12
8. Jason Rollins, Anoka (7) 12
9. Devin Roberts, Apple Valley (2) 10
10. Gunnar Feldhage, Rocori (8) 11
160 pounds
1. Calvin Germinaro-Nahring, Anoka (7) 12
2. Tony Struntz, St. Francis (7) 12
3. Sam Gibas, Elk River (7) 12
4. Wade Sullivan, Lakeville North (2) 12
5. Dan Herda, Wayzata (5) 12
6. Tony Watts, Apple Valley (2) 11
7. T.J. Pottinger, Hastings (3) 11
8. Lincoln Shinn, Willmar (8) 10
9. Tanner Wiese, Forest Lake (7) 11
10. Jack Lien, Moorhead (8) 12
170 pounds
1. Jake Allar, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 12
2. Kenny O’Neil, Prior Lake (2) 11
3. Alex Lindstrom, Eastview (2) 12
4. Jalen Thul, Apple Valley (2) 12
5. Cole Kirpach, St. Francis (7) 11
6. Grant Parrish, Forest Lake (7) 10
7. Seth Anderson, Lakeville North (2) 12
8. Zach Chytka, Shakopee (2) 12
9. John Noll, Centennial (4) 10
10. Jacob Scherber, Buffalo (5) 11
182 pounds
1. Brandon Moen, Owatonna (1) 12
2. Trey Rogers, Hastings (3) 11
3. Rowan Morgan, Mounds View (4) 10
4. A.J. Jenks, Little Falls (8) 11
5. James Huntley, Stillwater Area (4) 12
6. Calvin Sund, Prior Lake (2) 10
7. Andrew French, Woodbury (3) 12
8. Jonah Johnson, Apple Valley (2) 12
9. Dalton MIller, Anoka (7) 12
10. Roth Stricker, Eagan (3) 12
195 pounds
1. Samuel Grove, Moorhead (8) 12
2. Mike Delich, Eastview (2) 12
3. Tyler Hugg, St. Cloud Tech (8) 12
4. Justin Mohlin, Centennial (4) 12
5. Felipe Ramirez, Faribault (1) 12
6. Cole Fibranz, Sartell-St. Stephen (8) 10
7. Abe Ngaima, Shakopee (2) 12
8. Montie Ridley, Rochester John Marshall (1) 12
9. Griffin Thorn, Owatonna (1) 12
10. Conner Weiss, Stillwater Area (4) 12
220 pounds
1. Evan Foster, St. Michael-Albertville (5) 12
2. Jackson Schichel, Hastings (3) 12
3. Dane McDevitt, Eastview (2) 12
4. Casey Schilz, Elk River (7) 12
5. Tanyi Besong, Apple Valley (2) 12
6. Ben Lathrop, Anoka (7) 12
7. Quintin Kluver-Longfellow, Alexandria (8) 12
8. Isaac Arjes, Austin (1) 10
9. Billy Winkelman, Little Falls (8) 12
10. Sam Horn, Eden Prairie (6) 11
285 pounds
1. Gable Steveson, Apple Valley (2) 11
2. Brady Reigstad, Willmar (8) 12
3. Corey Guenther, North (4) 11
4. Tim Mandyck, Coon Rapids (7) 12
5. Bryson Wilkins, Wayzata (5) 12
6. Brandon Frankfurth, Anoka (7) 11
7. Dylan Krump, Blaine (7) 12
8. Bryce Benhart, Lakeville North (2) 10
9. Goy Tut, Owatonna (1) 12
10. Dillon McEachran, Faribault (1) 11

Class 1A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:33:41 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Minneapolis North 19-1
2. Heritage Christian 17-2
3. Central Minnesota Christian 18-3
4. Nevis 18-1
5. Red Lake 17-3
6. Goodhue 19-2
7. Springfield 17-2
8. Red Rock Central 18-1
9. Spring Grove 18-3
10. Ada-Borup 16-2
11. Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdahl 14-2
12. Cleveland 19-1
13. Lake Park-Audubon 14-4
14. Cass Lake-Bena 14-6
15. North Woods 18-1
16. Browerville-Eagle Valley 15-3
17. Cedar Mountain-Comfrey 17-2
18. Battle Lake 15-3
19. Cristo Rey Jesuit 13-5
20. Prairie Seeds Academy 12-3

Class 2A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:33:04 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Minnehaha Academy 16-5
2. Caledonia 13-4
3. Melrose 20-0
4. Crosby-Ironton 18-1
5. St. Cloud Cathedral 17-4
6. Esko 17-2
7. Watertown-Mayer 17-2
8. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 14-3
9. New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 18-2
10. Eden Valley-Watkins 14-2
11. Annandale 15-4
12. Lake City 16-3
13. Perham 16-2
14. Jordan 17-3
15. Holdingford 14-3
16. Jackson County Central 17-3
17. Breckenridge 13-2
18. Virginia 18-1
19. Pine Island 16-3
20. Minneapolis Roosevelt 13-6

Class 3A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:32:30 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. DeLaSalle 15-2
2. Marshall 19-1
3. Delano 15-3
4. Mahtomedi 17-1
5. Orono 14-4
6. Austin 18-1
7. Totino-Grace 11-8
8. Waseca 19-1
9. Big Lake 14-4
10. Alexandria 12-4
11. Fergus Falls 15-3
12. Columbia Heights 15-5
13. Minneapolis Henry 13-7
14. St. Paul Highland Park 14-5
15. Zimmerman 14-5
16. Grand Rapids 14-5
17. St. Thomas Academy 12-7
18. Faribault 11-6
19. Northfield 10-8
20. Bemidji 12-5

Class 4A Boys Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:31:54 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Champlin Park 18-0
2. Maple Grove 15-2
3. Apple Valley 17-2
4. Lakeville North 17-2
5. Wayzata 17-2
6. Hopkins 15-5
7. East Ridge 14-5
8. Eden Prairie 12-7
9. New Prague 17-2
10. Tartan 18-2
11. Robbinsdale Armstrong 13-5
12 Woodbury 14-4
13. Osseo 13-6
14. Cretin-Derham Hall 13-5
15. Edina 12-6
16. Park Center 12-6
17. Chaska 13-5
18. Bloomington Jefferson 14-4
19. Rochester John Marshall 14-3
20. Rogers 16-3

Class 1A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:30:23 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Mountain Iron-Buhl 21-1
2. Goodhue 17-4
3. Wheaton-Herman-Norcross 21-0
4. Cromwell-Wright 18-2
5. Mankato Loyola 17-2
6. Ada-Borup 18-1
7. Maranatha Christian 15-6
8. Red Lake 18-2
9. Bigfork 22-0
10. Lyle-Pacelli 17-4
11. Southwest MN Christian (Edgerton) 16-3
12. Granada-Huntley-East Chain-Truman-Martin Luther 18-2
13. Kimball 18-2
14. Heritage Christian 14-6
15. Red Rock Central 19-3
16. Cedar Mountain-Comfrey 15-4
17. Lester Prairie-Holy Trinity 16-5
18. Mayer Lutheran 14-6
19. Canby 18-2
20. Parkers Prairie 16-3

Class 2A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:29:48 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Roseau 20-0
2. Sauk Centre 18-1
3. Plainview-Elgin-Millville 20-2
4. Watertown-Mayer 20-2
5. Pipestone 20-0
6. Norwood-Young America 21-1
7. New London-Spicer 16-3
8. Eden Valley-Watkins 17-3
9. St. Peter 19-2
10. Minnehaha Academy 16-4
11. Hayfield 17-4
12. Rush City 17-0
13. Staples-Motley 16-3
14. Pine City 18-3
15. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 19-1
16. St. Croix Lutheran 16-5
17. Southwest Christian (Chaska) 15-3
18. Barnesville 16-4
19. Esko 16-5
20. New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 17-5

Class 3A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:29:13 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Northfield 17-3
2. Hutchinson 15-5
3. Holy Angels 19-2
4. Alexandria 18-3
5. Orono 16-4
6. Grand Rapids 19-3
7. Winona 15-4
8. Mahtomedi 17-3
9. Kasson-Mantorville 17-5
10. Zimmerman 19-2
11. Hermantown 17-3
12. New Ulm 18-4
13. Waseca 16-5
14. Bloomington Kennedy 13-7
15. St. Paul Como Park 14-7
16. Red Wing 13-6
17. St. Anthony Village 14-5
18. Fergus Falls 10-10
19. Willmar 12-8
20. Sartell-St. Stephen 12-8

Class 4A Girls Basketball Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:28:38 AM

From Minnesota Basketball News.

1. Hopkins 22-0
2. Elk River 21-0
3. Lakeville North 19-2
4. Eastview 17-4
5. Apple Valley 18-3
6. Centennial 18-3
7. St. Michael-Albertville 15-4
8. Wayzata 16-5
9. Roseville Area 18-3
10. Park Center 16-5
11. White Bear Lake 14-7
12. Edina 16-6
13. Champlin Park 16-5
14. East Ridge 15-4
15. Minnetonka 10-9
16. Forest Lake 13-7
17. Cretin-Derham Hall 12-7
18. Andover 13-8
19. Rosemount 12-9
20. Woodbury 11-9

This Week's Gymnastics Rankings
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/9/2017 11:23:01 AM

Provided by the gymnastics coaches association.

1 Detroit Lakes 8A 151.608
2 Melrose Area 6A 147.450
3 Willmar 6A 145.592
4 Austin 1A 144.658
5 Worthington 3A 143.650
6 Perham 8A 143.433
7 Becker 7A 143.317
8 Pine Island 1A 142.650
9 Sartell-Saint Stephen 7A 142.142
10 North Branch 7A 142.108
11 Mahtomedi 4A 141.725
12 Mankato West 2A 141.558
13 Jackson County Central 3A 140.583
14 Watertown-Mayer/Mound-Westonka 5A 140.158
15 Monticello 7A 140.050
16 Byron-Lourdes 1A 139.667
17 New London-Spicer 6A 138.850
18 Big Lake 7A 138.642
19 Benson-KMS-Montivideo 6A 137.683
20 Waconia 2A 137.492
21 Hendricks/RTR 3A 137.100
22 Martin County Area 3A 136.858
23 Fergus Falls 8A 136.600
24 Alexandria 8A 136.258
25 Rush City/Pine City/Hinckley-F. 7A 135.533

1 Lakeville North 2AA 148.658
2 Owatonna 1AA 148.167
3 St. Cloud Tech 8AA 146.733
4 Stillwater 4AA 145.942
5 Cambridge-Isanti 7AA 145.258
6 Roseville Area 4AA 144.825
7 Lakeville South 2AA 144.417
8 Maple Grove 5AA 143.675
9 Champlin Park 5AA 143.525
10 Eagan 3AA 143.333
11 Brainerd 8AA 143.167
12 Anoka 7AA 142.775
13 Farmington 1AA 142.708
14 Prior Lake 2AA 142.550
15 Rosemount 3AA 141.750
16 Wayzata 5AA 140.842
17 Park Center 5AA 140.317
18 Forest Lake 7AA 140.258
19 New Prague 2AA 140.075
20 Rogers 5AA 139.850
21 Saint Michael-Albertville 8AA 139.650
22 East Ridge 3AA 138.508
23 Edina 6AA 138.150
24 Saint Francis 7AA 137.517
25 Rochester Century 1AA 137.258

A Special Night In Annandale: Hope For Henry
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/8/2017 12:58:55 PM

ANNANDALE – Two comments overheard during a grand Tuesday evening of basketball in a packed gymnasium do a pretty good job of telling the story.

Quote No. 1: “This is just a game. There’s a little kid fighting for his life.”

Quote No. 2: “Those were two dang good teams going at it.”

Both quotes are accurate. These were just games, with the girls and boys basketball teams from Hopkins heading to Annandale for a varsity doubleheader. The overall focus was on a little boy who is in the minds and hearts and prayers of everyone who attended.

Henry Dolan is the grandson of Annandale boys basketball coach Skip Dolan. Henry was born with heart defects and given a two percent chance to survive for a week after birth. That was nine months ago. Henry, who has undergone a heart transplant, remains hospitalized and hopes are high for his long-term health. But the road will be long for Henry, his parents, Sam and Mollie Dolan, and his two big sisters.

There were signs on the gym walls proclaiming it a “Night of Hope.” Hope For Henry t-shirts, hats and bracelets were sold. The teams wore Hope For Henry shirts during warmups.

The girls game was, well, one-sided. The Hopkins girls are the top-ranked team in Class 4A and ran their record to 22-0 with a 79-35 victory over the Class 2A Cardinals. The boys game was not like that at all. Here were the mighty Hopkins Royals, longtime power in Class 4A and currently ranked No. 6 in that class with a pregame record of 14-5, and the Annandale Cardinals, unranked in Class 2A and holding a record of 15-3.

Between warmups and tipoff of the boys game, Skip Dolan and Cardinals senior guard Connor Magrum each spoke to the crowd.

Magrum and his teammates have made Henry part of the team. He is an honorary Cardinal, with a number 13 jersey dedicated to him (that’s the number Henry’s dad wore). The players all wear Hope For Henry wristbands, which they hang on a makeshift wooden tree during games. The Hopkins players did something special, too, writing personal notes to the Dolans and hanging them on the tree before warmups.

“Tonight we would like to draw attention to a special little boy who has been in our hearts since long before the season began,” Connor said. He stressed the importance of organ donation, saying, “One way we can all be heroes in our community and beyond is by considering becoming an organ donor.”

Coach Dolan thanked the Hopkins teams for coming to Annandale, and thanked all the people behind Tuesday’s events. It was clear that Skip and his family have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. (Skip is pictured here with the Hopkins girls team.)

“We are truly, truly thankful to this community, to this student body, to this school district,” he said. “I couldn’t be prouder of a community and what you’ve done.”

The longest ovation of the night came when Skip introduced Sam and Mollie, who were in the stands while grandma was with Henry for a few hours.

“Imagine being told that there’s a two percent chance at birth that your child will live the first week,” Skip said. He ended his comments with this: “Let’s play basketball!”

And oh did they play basketball. The Royals shot the lights out early and led 29-11 midway through the first half. The Cardinals began finding the range and were only behind by five at halftime, 45-40.

The halftime entertainment included a free throw contest. The hopefuls paid a dollar for the chance to sink a shot and win a two-liter jug of pop. The 50-50 raffle winner also was announced. The pot was north of a thousand dollars and the winner would take home more than $500. But, as expected, the holder of the lucky ticket simply said, “keep it all” and the money went toward Henry’s care. Huge round of applause.

The boys from Annandale did not waver in the second half. The score was 50-50 with 14 minutes to go and the atmosphere was electric. After that? Bedlam.

A three-point play by Trent Pepper and a three-point field goal by Jarod Wilken gave Annandale a 61-57 lead with 8:56 left. The crowd was screaming and that never changed. Joe Hedstrom, Hopkins’ 6-foot-11 junior center, powered to the hoop to give the Royals a two-point edge and Wilken tied it with a layup. There were missed shots and turnovers in the final minutes, and the verdict was finally sealed with Hopkins senior Ishmael El-Amin making two free throws to give the Royals a 72-71 win that they will long remember.

The postgame scene was just as special. There were handshakes and hugs, “thanks for coming” and “wow, what a game!” Skip Dolan posed for photos with Hopkins players and coaches, big smiles on every face. It was truly a night to remember.

Someday, Henry will hear all about it.

--To see a photo gallery, go to the MSHSL Facebook page.

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Everybody Wins During Wrestling Night In Perham
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/4/2017 12:02:17 PM

PERHAM – Friday was big here in Perham, which if you aren’t familiar with Minnesota geography is on U.S. Highway 10 between Frazee and New York Mills. And if that doesn’t help then you need to look at a map. Because Perham is a special place.

Here’s a fact that tells you how special this community is: Last November the voters approved the construction of a new high school. So in a couple years there will be a major celebration when those brand-new doors swing open.

Friday night’s focus was wrestling and the festivities were held in the gymnasium at the eloquently named Prairie Wind Middle School, a modern structure where the Yellowjackets basketball teams also play. On Friday the girls team had the night off and the boys hoopsters made the 80-minute drive to Breckenridge to meet the Cowboys in a game between the top two teams in Section 8AA. In that game, Perham sophomore Jenson Beachy became the first boys player in school history to score 1,000 points as the Yellowjackets defeated Breckenridge 64-48.

Among the Perham basketball players is senior Reid Moser. His father, Robb, and sophomore brother Ty couldn’t make it to Breckenridge because Robb is the head coach of the wrestling team and Ty is the varsity 195-pounder. What an exciting household that must be.

Wrestling Night in Perham was spectacular. The Yellowjackets, who are ranked sixth in Class 2A, hosted Frazee (No. 2 in 1A) and St. Michael-Albertville (No. 5 in 3A). At last season’s state tournament, St. Michael-Albertville and Frazee were team runners-up while Perham placed fifth. What all that means is there is a very thin sliver of daylight between these teams and the very tip-top of their sport.

During the triangulated festivities, Perham defeated Frazee 34-21 in the lid-lifter and St. Michael-Albertville beat Frazee 61-18. Those matches were held on one mat while junior-varsity wrestlers battled on a second mat. The finale came after one mat was removed, the other mat was yanked to the center of the gym and the lights over the bleachers were dimmed. The focus was on Perham vs. St. Michael-Albertville, towns that are separated by 147 miles and linked by a love of high school activities.

The Knights won at seven of the first eight weight classes and led 29-6 before the Yellowjackets triumphed in four of the final six (three by fall) for a final count of St. Michael-Albertville 39, Perham 27.

The competition closed with Perham senior Jonathan Staebler getting a pin at 285 pounds. Shortly after, the house lights were raised and the mat was razed (meaning it was rolled up into sections until next time).

What a night it was. There were walking tacos and walking mascots; the Perham Yellowjacket and Wiley the Wallaby representing KLN Family Brands, the legendary civic-minded Perham employer that makes candy and pet food. On behalf of KLN, little kids handed out box after box of sweet goodies to the fans between matches.

Someone from nearby Wadena won the 50-50 raffle, and that fine citizen donated the winnings back to the cause. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, a 50-50 raffle means fans buy tickets (usually for a dollar each), and at a certain point in the proceedings a drawing is held, with half the dough going to the winner and the other half going to whatever that night’s cause is; it can be a wrestling program, a school project, etc. There were several cash drawings, as well, with folks taking home prizes of $50, $100 and one lucky lady winning one thousand American dollars.

Candy or cash or thrills on the mat. During Wrestling Night in Perham, everybody went home a winner.

--To see a photo gallery, go to the MSHSL Facebook page.

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She’s Out Of The Lineup But Still A Big Part Of The Team
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 2/1/2017 3:20:49 PM

Lindsay Czech was preparing for hockey practice with her Wayzata High School teammates the other day, but she needed a little help in getting her equipment on. Oh, she had no trouble with things like skates and pads, but assistance was required as she attempted to put on the finishing touches: a grass skirt and, uh, a coconut bra.

The occasion was the first annual Trojan Games for the team, a workout devoted to fun drills and challenges, with the players in costume. There were princesses and cows and NBA jerseys and, yes, Hawaiian outfits.

The most important thing, however, was that Lindsay was on the ice with her teammates. Light skating at practice is as far as she will get this season; a knee injury suffered shortly before practice began in October put a stake through her senior year. She was cleared to skate again last week, but what a rotten break for one of the top players in the state.

“It’s definitely been really difficult,” she said. “It’s been a test of mental toughness and just keeping the faith a little bit.”

A sense of humor never hurts, either, and Lindsay is well-equipped in that area. As she was describing what she’s been through she added with a giggle (and a slight cough), “Oh, I had influenza A last week, too. I have really good luck.”

She can laugh about it now, but things weren’t quite so comical at the time of her injury. She was playing powder puff football at Wayzata, carrying the ball and running. Attempting to change directions, she planted her left leg and the knee went kaboom. Torn ACL. “It hurt right away,” she said.

It took a few days for MRI results to confirm the worst: No senior hockey season for Lindsay Czech. Phone calls followed, the first one to Wayzata coach Jess Christopherson. Then one to Minnesota Duluth coach Maura Crowell. Czech had already accepted a scholarship to UMD, and Crowell immediately put to rest any fears that the star defensive player’s scholarship might evaporate.

“In terms of how it affects our program and things like that, I didn’t worry about that at all,” Crowell said. “I was concerned about her. As a captain and a senior leader on her team, it was a pretty devastating blow to her. Timing-wise, it was early in her senior year. By the time she gets here, she’ll be healthy.”

Lindsay is a well-decorated hockey player. She was invited to the Under-18 Women’s National Festival as one of the top players in the nation, is a two-time Under-18 Select Camp attendee and was part of the Under-18 National Development Camp. She is a four-year letterwinner at Wayzata and earned all-Lake Conference honors as a sophomore and junior. She committed to UMD before her junior season.

Crowell is in her second season as the head coach at UMD after serving as associate head coach at Harvard. She coached Czech at a Under-16 national camp and got to know her.

“She stands out as such a fun, goofy kid to have in the locker room. Then when I came here she was in the recruiting pipeline. She was my first scholarship recruit here and that means something to me. She signed on with us well before we were ranked No. 2 in the country, and we’ll always remember that. We expect her to be an impact player here.”

Wayzata lost 12 seniors from last year’s team and Christopherson is in her first year as their head coach. Czech and fellow seniors Natalie Heising (who has signed with Penn State) and Jackie Russo are captains on a roster filled with young players. Heising recently returned from a stint with Team USA at the International Ice Hockey Federation Under-18 Women’s World Championships.

Czech was named a captain after her injury, which confirmed how important she is to her teammates and coaches.

“Not only does she come to practice every single day, she registered and paid for hockey, even though she will not play one second of hockey this year,” Christopherson said. “She’s there every single day. If she’s going to be late she will call or email like any other kid. She sits on the bench and she’s coaching kids for us. I think it’s been a little different angle for her to see things and learn more about the game. It’s been a real positive thing. She’s kind of rallied around this.”

In fact, having the opportunity to see the game from a coaching angle has made Lindsay consider becoming a coach.

“I think it’s been kind of a blessing,” she said. “I’ve gotten to know an amazing coaching staff at Wayzata, and I want to come back and coach someday with Jess and for Wayzata. It’s a different environment, not being a player and hanging out more with the coaches.

“My team has been so unbelievably supportive, too. When I went out on the ice they were so excited. That’s so awesome.”

Even though she’s back on skates, Lindsay and everyone else knows she will not be in uniform again until she is a college player.

“There’s no chance she’ll get in a game,” Christopherson said. “This is a kid who will be an impact player at the next level. It would be irresponsible to put her on the ice during the season.”

Except, of course, for some light skating at practice, grass skirt included.

*Schools/teams John has seen/visited: 344
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