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Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
   Dan Paulson
   763-972-3365 ext. 3034       DPaulson@delano.k12.mn.us
Basketball, Boys:
   Terry Techam
Basketball, Girls:
   Amy Gould
   Lindsey Welch
Cross Country Run, Boys:
   Boak Wiesner
   763-972-3365 ext. 3023       bwiesner@delano.k12.mn.us
Cross Country Run, Girls:
   Boak Wiesner
   763-972-3365 ext. 3023       bwiesner@delano.k12.mn.us
Dance Team, Girls J/F:
   Melissa Koch
Dance Team, Girls H/P:
   Melissa Koch
   Merrill Pavlovich
Golf, Boys:
   Jon Moen
   763-972-3365 ext. 2511       jmoen@delano.k12.mn.us
Golf, Girls:
   Jake Dorsey
   763-972-3365 ext. 3033       jdorsey@delano.k12.mn.us
Gymnastics, Girls:
   Jamie Greenberg
          Jamie Greenberg [jamie_greenberg@hotmail.com]
Hockey, Boys:
   Gerrit van Bergen
   763-972-3365 ext. 3701       gvanbergen@delano.k12.mn.us
Hockey, Girls:
   Ray Dahlof
Lacrosse, Boys':
   Aaron Hagerdorn
Lacrosse, Girls:
   Kate Youngblut
   763-972-3365 #3506       kyoungblut@delano.k12.delano.mn.us
One Act Play:
   Barbara Roy
   763-972-3671       barb.roy@delano.k12.mn.us
Soccer, Boys:
   John Bergh
   612-306-8331       berghj@aol.com
Soccer, Girls:
   Sean Roff
   763-972-3365 ext 3512       sroff@delano.k12.mn.us
Softball, Girls:
   Jim VanCura
   763-972-3365 ext. 3007       jvancura@delano.k12.mn.us
Swimming & Diving, Boys:
   co-op Watertown/Mayer
Swimming & Diving, Girls:
   Karen Shallbetter
   763-670-4431 #3630       kshallbetter@delano.k12.mn.us
Tennis, Boys:
   Jacob Olson
   763-972-3365 ext 3511       olsonj@delano.k12.mn.us
Tennis, Girls:
   Kim Finn
   763-972-9336       klfinn@frontiernet.net
Track & Field, Boys:
   Mitch Rue
   763-972-3365 ext. 3515       mrue@delano.k12.mn.us
Track & Field, Girls:
   Damon Clare
Visual Arts:
   Ray Cordes
   763-972-3365 ext. 3012       RCordes@delano.k12.mn.us
Volleyball, Girls:
   Rebecca Rue
   763-972-3365 ext. 3702       rrue@delano.k12.mn.us
   Jeff Olson
   763-972-3365 ext. 3006       Jolson@delano.k12.mn.us
Delano H.S.
700 Elm Avenue East
Delano, MN   55328-9183

ISD No. 879
Phone: 763-972-3365
Fax: 763-972-6706
Email: mlindquist@delano.k12.mn.us
Website: www.delano.k12.mn.us...

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 724
Year Founded: 1894
Nickname: Tigers
Colors: Orange and Black
Song: Wave The Flag
Admin. Region: 2AA

School Contacts
   Matt Schoen
   763-972-3365 ext. 2115
   Steve Heil
   763-972-3365 ext. 2220
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Assistant AD:
AD Admin. Asst.:
   Teresa Spurzem
   763-972-3365 ext 2002
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Girls Sports Rep.:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Governing Board Rep.:
   Peter Brasket
Mailing Rep.:
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Music Rep.:
   Jason Koets
   763-972-3365 Ext. 3061
School Rep. (Voting):
   Mike Lindquist
   763-972-3365 ext. 2003
Speech Rep.:
Title IX Officer:
   Susan Farbo
   (763) 972-3365 ext. 2237
Student Services:
   Carley Boll
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
   Jason Koets
   763-972-3365 Ext. 3061
Choir Director:
   Paige Armstrong
   763-972-3365 ext. 3057
Orchestra Director:
Newspaper Advisor:
   Amy Poppler
   763-972-3365 ext. 3069
Medical Personnel:
Yearbook Advisor:
Website Contact:
   Stephen Schaack
   763-971-3365 ext. 3049
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