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Click the picture to EditNew Life Academy is a Christian school serving more than 780 students in childcare, ages 6 months-3 years, and Preschool-Grade 12. We are located in Woodbury, Minnesota and have been serving young people and their families since 1977. New Life Academy, the largest Christian school in the Twin Cities east metro, is an amazing place where children learn core subjects while developing the strong character, leadership skills and faith to succeed and influence their generation.

School News
Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
   Dave Darr
   507-430-2925       dave_darr@hotmail.com
Basketball, Boys:
   Doug Linton
   651-210-3732 cell       douglas.linton@isd197.org
Basketball, Girls:
   Greg Wilson
Cheerleading:   TBD
Cross Country Run, Boys:
   Curt Wetsel
   651-757-4315       CurtWetsel@newlifeacademy.org
Cross Country Run, Girls:   TBD
   Gene Teigland
   612-396-7842       gteigland@tiger12.com
Golf, Boys:
   Nick Novak
   651-604-8459       npn@wrmed.com
Golf, Girls:
   Wally Bomgren
   651-215-8434       Walter.bomgren@morganstanley.com
One Act Play:
   Carole Brumley
          Carole Brumley@newlifeacademy.orgh
Soccer, Boys:
   Robb Rupp
   651-757-4385       RobbRupp@newlifeacademy.org
Soccer, Girls:
   Blake Brackett
   651-269-3915       rbbrackett@yahoo.com
Softball, Girls:
   Emily Evans
   651-245-4954-cell       coach.evans@hotmail.com
Tennis, Girls:
   Marcia Bussey
   630-728-1292       bussey202@msn.com
Track & Field, Boys:
   Kristin Hawkins
    651-278-8083       kristenmariehawkins@gmail.com
Track & Field, Girls:
   Kristin Hawkins
    651-278-8083       kristenmariehawkins@gmail.com
Visual Arts:
   Marquette Bateman-Ek
   651-757-4374       MarquetteBateman-Ek@newlifeacademy.org
Volleyball, Girls:
   Wally Bomgren
   651-215-8434       Walter.bomgren@morganstanley.com
New Life Academy of Woodbury
6758 Bailey Road
Woodbury, MN   55125-2599

Phone: 651- 459-4121
Fax: 651- 459-6194
Email: CurtWetsel@newlifeacademy.org
Website: www.newlifeacademy.org...

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 241
Year Founded: 1977
Nickname: Eagles
Colors: Green and Gold
Song: We Are The New Life Eagle
Admin. Region: 4A

School Contacts
   Cade Lambert
   Lynn Atkinson
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Curt Wetsel
Assistant AD:
AD Admin. Asst.:
   Patty Gorter
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
   Curt Wetsel
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
   Curt Wetsel
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
   Curt Wetsel
Girls Sports Rep.:
Governing Board Rep.:
   Jim Kirkwood
Mailing Rep.:
   Curt Wetsel
Music Rep.:
   Cindy Martinson
School Rep. (Voting):
   Designated School Rep.
Speech Rep.:
Title IX Officer:
Student Services:
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
Choir Director:
   Cindy Martinson
Orchestra Director:
Newspaper Advisor:
Medical Personnel:
Yearbook Advisor:
   Melanie Oldenkamp
Website Contact:

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