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We believe that interscholastic activities are an integral part of our school's total educational program. The activities program is a complete extension of our basic educational philosophy of preparing students to become productive, contributing citizens of their community.

We believe that participation contributes to the development of health, happiness, physical skills, maturity, sportsmanship, decision-making skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline of each participant.

School News
Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
   Bill Kinnunen
   218-327-4168      bkinnunen@isd318.org
Basketball, Boys:
   Dan Elhard
   218-327-5760      delhard@isd318.org
Basketball, Girls:
   Kris Hamling
   218-259-5519      khamling@isd318.org
   Shelby Fenske
Cross Country Run, Boys:
   Steve Kohorst
   218-328-6453      skohorst@paulbunyan.net
Cross Country Run, Girls:
   Steve Kohorst
   218-328-6453      skohorst@paulbunyan.net
   Jennifer Linnell
   218-256-4933      jlinnell@isd318.org
   Greg Spahn
   715-220-2846      gspahn@isd318.org
Golf, Boys:
   Phil Carlson
   320-760-6880      pcarlson@isd318.org
Golf, Girls:
   Luke Sheetz
   218-259-3554      luke.sheetz@gmail.com
Hockey, Boys:
   Chris Marinucci
   218-256-4664      c.marinucci@yahoo.com
Hockey, Girls:
   Brad Hyduke
   218-213-6338      bhyduke@isd318.org
Lacrosse, Boys':
   Douglas Jensen
   218-256-8823      douglousjensen@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls:
   Mark Surface
   218-259-5182      fblaxcoach@gmail.com
Music:    TBD
Nordic Ski Racing, Boys:
   Craig Stertz
   218-256-3250      tcstertz@paulbunyan.net
Nordic Ski Racing, Girls:
   Marlo Gangi
   218-259-2469      mogangi@gmail.com
Soccer, Boys:
   Nick Koerbitz
   218-398-0760      nkoerbitz@isd317.org
Soccer, Girls:
   Brooke Moses
   315-591-3668      bsherman@isd318.org
Softball, Girls:
   Kelsey Johnston
   763-398-9446      kjohnston@isd318.org
   Jennifer Linnell
   218-256-4933      jlinnell@isd318.org
Swimming and Diving, Boys:
   Melissa Rauzi
   218-256-0149      m110375@yahoo.com
Swimming and Diving, Girls:
   Melissa Rauzi
   218-256-0149      m110375@yahoo.com
Synchronized Swimming, Girls:
   Jamie Mjolsness
Tennis, Boys:
   Chris Granley
   218-327-5760      cgranley@isd318.org
Tennis, Girls:
   Lew Smiley
   218-256-0400      lewsmiley49@yahoo.com
Track and Field, Boys:
   Darrin Hofstad
   218-327-5760      dhofstad@isd318.org
Track and Field, Girls:
   Darin Illikainen
   218-259-8877      DIllikainen@isd318.org
Volleyball, Girls:
   Jeff Orhn
   218-259-1553      jeff.orhn@gmail.com
   Mike Schauer
   218-259-1220      schauerconcrete@yahoo.com
Grand Rapids H.S.
800 Conifer Drive
Grand Rapids, MN   55744-2499

ISD No. 318
Phone: 218-327-5765
Fax: 218-327-5778
Website: www.grthunderhawks.com...

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 972
Year Founded: 1895
Nickname: Thunderhawks
Colors: Orange & Black
Song: Rapids Rouser
Admin. Region: 7AA

School Contacts
   Joni Olson
   Mark Schroeder
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Anne Campbell
Assistant AD:
AD Admin. Asst.:
   Pat Webber
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
   Anne Campbell
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
   Anne Campbell
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
   Anne Campbell
Girls Sports Rep.:
   Anne Campbell
Governing Board Rep.:
Mailing Rep.:
   Anne Campbell
Music Rep.:
School Rep. (Voting):
   Anne Campbell
Speech Rep.:
   Jennifer Linnell
Title IX Officer:
   Colleen Schussman
Student Services:
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
   Dale Gunderson
Choir Director:
   Scott Shrimpton
Orchestra Director:
Newspaper Advisor:
Medical Personnel:
   Ashley Palmer ATC
Yearbook Advisor:
   Zach VanDrunen
Website Contact:
   Brad Hyduke

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