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School News
Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
Adapted Floor Hockey, PI:    TBD
Adapted Soccer, CI:
   with Roosevelt Teddies
Adapted Soccer, PI:    TBD
Adapted Softball, CI:
   with Roosevelt Teddies
Adapted Softball, PI:    TBD
Alpine Skiing, Boys:
   Mark Conway
   612.275.8392      markrobertconway@msn.com
Alpine Skiing, Girls:
   Mark Conway
   612.275.8392      markrobertconway@msn.com
Badminton, Girls:
   Pete Sampson
   612-692-0223      peter.sampson@mpls.k12.mn.us
   Jim Clancy
   612-824-5410      jcclancy@msn.com
Basketball, Boys:
   Jamin Cook
   612-499-2151      jaycook86@yahoo.com
Basketball, Girls:
   Tylor Coley
   612.251.4815      washburnhoops@gmail.com
Cross Country Run, Boys:
   Curtis Johnson
   612-816-6363      curtisgj@gmail.com
Cross Country Run, Girls:
   Curtis Johnson
   612-816-6363      curtisgj@gmail.com
Dance Team, Girls J/F:    TBD
Dance Team, Girls H/P:    TBD
   Lisa Jensen
   612. 668.3400      lisa.jensen@mpls.k12.mn.us
   Giovan Jenkins
   612.382-7768      giovan.jenkins@mpls.k12.mn.us
Golf, Boys:
   Aaron Percy
   612-668-9870      aaron.percy@mpls.k12.mn.us
Golf, Girls:
   Aaron Percy
   612-668-9870      aaron.percy@mpls.k12.mn.us
Gymnastics, Girls:
   Carrie Sartin
   612.532-7193      carriesartin@me.com
Hockey, Boys:
   Joe Dziedzic
   612-812-0442      joe@jdhockey.com
Hockey, Girls:
   Sarma Ozmen
   612-298-0965      sarmapone@hotmail.com
Lacrosse, Boys':
   Aron Lipkin
Lacrosse, Girls:
   Julie Fleming
   651-210-0830      mpls.lax@gmail.com
Nordic Ski Racing, Boys:
   Eric Adams
   612.327-8606      eric.adams@mpls.k12.mn.us
Nordic Ski Racing, Girls:
   Eric Adams
   612.327-8606      eric.adams@mpls.k12.mn.us
One Act Play:    TBD
Soccer, Boys:
   Aaron Percy
   612-668-9870      aaron.percy@mpls.k12.mn.us
Soccer, Girls:
   Cheryl Peterson
   612-202-4205      cherylupeterson@gmail.com
Softball, Girls:    TBD
Swimming & Diving, Boys:
   Jeff Sanders
Swimming & Diving, Girls:
   Jeff Sanders
Tennis, Boys:
   Ryan Hoag
   612-849-0661      ryanscotthoag@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls:
   Erik Telleen
   612-280-8475      eriktelleen@yahoo.com
Track & Field, Boys:
   Kenan Moore
   612-968-9780      kenan.moore@gmail.com
Track & Field, Girls:
   Kenan Moore
   612-968-9780      kenan.moore@gmail.com
Volleyball, Girls:
   Dan Cervantes
   612-710-2052      dan@clubsotavolleyball.com
   David Brust
   612.685.3180      sjucricket@yahoo.com
Minneapolis Washburn H.S.
201 West 49th Street
Minneapolis, MN   55419

ISD No. 1
Phone: 612-668-3400
Fax: 612-668-3410
Website: www.washburn.mpls.k12.mn....

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 999
Year Founded: 1926
Nickname: Millers
Colors: Blue and Orange
Song: Down the Field
Admin. Region: 6AA

School Contacts
   Bernadeia Johnson
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Reginald Perkins
Assistant AD:
AD Admin. Asst.:
   Deb Lilly
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
Girls Sports Rep.:
Governing Board Rep.:
Mailing Rep.:
Music Rep.:
School Rep. (Voting):
Speech Rep.:
Title IX Officer:
Student Services:
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
   Tim Martin
Choir Director:
   Nancy Lee
Orchestra Director:
Newspaper Advisor:
   Aaron Percy
Medical Personnel:
   Karin Shelsted
Yearbook Advisor:
   Linda Teppo
Website Contact:
   Lynette Cargill
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