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Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
   Mitch Bakken
   218-281-2144      Mitch.bakken@gmail.com
Basketball, Boys:
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144      greggarmen@isd593.org
Basketball, Girls:
   Darin Zimmerman
   218-281-2144      darinzimmerman@isd593.org
Cross Country Run, Boys:    TBD
Cross Country Run, Girls:
   Kirk Misialek
   218-773-2405      kmisialek@egf.k12.mn.us
Dance Team, Girls:
   Adrianne Winger
   218 281-2144      Adrianne.winger@gmail.com
   Scott Butt
   218-281-1242      sbutt@crookston.mn.us
Golf, Boys:
   Steve Kofoed
   218-281-2144      stevenkofoed@isd593.org
Golf, Girls:
   Jeff Perreault
   218 281-5600      jeffperreault@isd593.org
Hockey, Boys:
   Josh Hardy
   218-281-2144      joshhardy@isd593.org
Hockey, Girls:
   Tim Moe
   218 281-2144      timmoe@isd593.org
Music:    TBD
One Act Play:
   Beth Carlson
   218 281-2144      bethcarlson@live.com
Soccer, Boys:
   Donald Cox
   218 281-2144      dcoachguy@hotmail.com
Soccer, Girls:
   Sarah Reese
   218-281-2144      sarah.reese@co.polk.mn.us
Softball, Girls:
   Robbe Nessler
   218-281-2144      robbenessler@isd593.org
   Phyllis Hagen
   281-2144      phyllishagen4@gmail.com
Swimming and Diving, Girls:
   Marley Melbye
   218-289-3848      marley.melbye@bhshealth.org
Tennis, Boys:
   Cody Brekken
   218-281-2144      codybrekken@isd593.org
Tennis, Girls:
   Mike Geffre
   218-281-2144      mikegeffre@isd593.org
Track and Field, Boys:
   Wayne Folkers
   218-281-2144      waynefolkers@isd593.org
Track and Field, Girls:
   Amy Boll
   218281-2144 ext 2309      amyboll@isd593.org
Visual Arts:
   Gary Stegman
   (218) 281-2144      garystegman@isd593.org
Volleyball, Girls:
   Ashley Stopa
   218-281-2144      ashleystopa@isd593.org
   Wes Hanson
   218 281-2144      westonhanson@isd593.org
Crookston H.S.
402 Fisher Avenue
Crookston, MN   56716-2099

ISD No. 593
Phone: 218-281-2144
Fax: 218-281-4709
Email: chrisbates@isd593.org
Website: http://www.crookston.k12....

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 286
Year Founded: 1914
Nickname: Pirates
Colors: Navy and Gold
Song: Minnesota Rouser
Admin. Region: 8A

School Contacts
   Jeremy Olson
   Eric Bubna
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144
Assistant AD:
AD Admin. Asst.:
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
   Mike Geffre
Girls Sports Rep.:
   Ashley Stopa
Governing Board Rep.:
   Frank Fee
Mailing Rep.:
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144
Music Rep.:
   Belinda Fjeld
   218 281-2144
School Rep. (Voting):
   Greg Garmen
   218 281-2144
Speech Rep.:
   Phyllis Hagen
Title IX Officer:
   Jeremy Olson
Student Services:
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
   Matt Torgerson
Choir Director:
   Belinda Fjeld
   218 281-2144
Orchestra Director:
   Haley Ellis
Newspaper Advisor:
Medical Personnel:
Yearbook Advisor:
   Kristen Alston
Website Contact:

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