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Activity Contacts/Head Coaches
Adapted Floor Hockey , CI:
   Mike Bakken
   320-253-1600 ext 2341      michael.bakken@isd742.org
Adapted Soccer, CI:
   Mike Bakken
   320-253-1600 ext 2341      michael.bakken@isd742.org
Adapted Softball, CI:
   Mike Bakken
   320-253-1600 ext 2341      michael.bakken@isd742.org
   Jerome Nemanich
   320-656-3701 ext 3115      nemanich@sartell.k12.mn.us
Basketball, Boys:
   Marcus Oistad
   320-656-3701 ext 3101      marcus.oistad@sartell.k12.mn.us
Basketball, Girls:
   Katie Martin
   320-656-3701 ext 2803      katie.martin@sartell.k12.mn.us
Cross Country Run, Boys:
   Jeff Kellerman
   320-656-3701 ext 3345      kellerman@sartell.k12.mn.us
Cross Country Run, Girls:
   Jeff Kellerman
   320-656-3701 ext 3345      kellerman@sartell.k12.mn.us
Dance Team, Girls:
   Kelly McCarney
   320-253-0759      ktomczik24@hotmail.com
   Scott Hentges
   320-656-3701 ext 3102      hentges@sartell.k12.mn.us
Golf, Boys:
   Jason Huschle
   320-656-3701 ext 2304      jason.huschle@sartell.k12.mn.us
Golf, Girls:
   Paul Determan
   320-656-3701 ext 2443      determan@sartell.k12.mn.us
Gymnastics, Girls:    TBD
Hockey, Boys:
   Ryan Hacker
   320-761-0495      hacker@sartell.k12.mn.us
Hockey, Girls:
   Marty Anderson
   320-656-3701 ext 3117      marty.anderson@sartell.k12.mn.us
Lacrosse, Boys':
   Jacob Sailor
   320-656-3701 ext 3345      jacob.sailor@sartell.k12.mn.us
Lacrosse, Girls:
   Amanda Dvorak
Music:    TBD
Nordic Ski Racing, Boys:
   Joe Teff
   320-308-2145      jmteff@stcloudstate.edu
Nordic Ski Racing, Girls:
   Joe Teff
   320-308-2145      jmteff@stcloudstate.edu
One Act Play:
   Kelli Killmer
Soccer, Boys:
   Matt Hager
   320-656-3701 ext 4816      hager@sartell.k12.mn.us
Soccer, Girls:
   Roy Snyder
   320-656-3701 ext 3144      roy.snyder@sartell.k12.mn.us
Softball, Girls:
   Dave Driste
   320-656-3701 ext 3142      driste@sartell.k12.mn.us
   John Ronyak
   320-656-3701 ext 3238      ronyak@sartell.k12.mn.us
Swimming and Diving, Boys:
   Jason Anderson
   320-656-3701 ext 2812      andersonjason@sartell.k12.mn.us
Swimming and Diving, Girls:
   Sue Sathre
   320-656-0748      sue.sathre@sartell.k12.mn.us
Tennis, Boys:
   Marcus Oistad
   320-656-3701 ext 3101      marcus.oistad@sartell.k12.mn.us
Tennis, Girls:
   Sarah Crandall
   320-656-3701 ext 3137      crandall@sartell.k12.mn.us
Track and Field, Boys:
   Ross Anderson
   320-656-3701 ext 3357      andersonross@sartell.k12.mn.us
Track and Field, Girls:
   Ross Anderson
   320-656-3701 ext 3357      andersonross@sartell.k12.mn.us
Visual Arts:
   Angela Heckman
   320-656-3701 ext 3186      heckman@sartell.k12.mn.us
Volleyball, Girls:
   Sarah Hornseth
   320-656-3701 ext 2809      sarah.hornseth@sartell.k12.mn.us
   Cody Olson
   320-656-3701 ext 5109      cody.olson@sartell.k12.mn.us
Sartell-Saint Stephen H.S.
748 7th Street North
Sartell, MN   56377-0328

ISD No. 748
Phone: 320-656-0748
Fax: 320-656-5296
Website: www.sartell.k12.mn.us...

School Statistics
Enrollment (9-12): 1129
Year Founded: 1969
Nickname: Sabres
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Song: Minnesota March
Admin. Region: 8AA

School Contacts
   Jeff Schwiebert
   320-656-3701 ext 1115
   Brenda Steve
Athletic/Activities Director:
   Ryan Hauge
Assistant AD:
   John Ross (MS Activities Director)
   320-656-3701 ext 2611
AD Admin. Asst.:
   Ronell Uran
Sports Coordinator- Boys:
Sports Coordinator- Girls:
Sports Information Director:
Boys Sports Rep.:
Girls Sports Rep.:
Governing Board Rep.:
Mailing Rep.:
Music Rep.:
School Rep. (Voting):
Speech Rep.:
   John Ronyak
   320-656-3701 ext 3238
Title IX Officer:
Student Services:
Broadcast Advisor:
Band Director:
   David Lumley
   320-656-3701 ext 3121
Choir Director:
   Brandon Nordhues
   320-656-3701 ext 3121
Orchestra Director:
   Tiller Martin
   320-656-3701 ext 7035
Newspaper Advisor:
Medical Personnel:
Yearbook Advisor:
   Angela Heckman
   320-656-3701 ext 3186
Website Contact:

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