MSHSL Dance Team Tablulation Program (Updated 11/14/2016)

These tabulation programs and the detailed instructions have been developed byt the MSHSL to assist member schools in scoring at Dance Team competitions. You will find that these programs will save time and are easy to use. Use of the programs is voluntary at this time, but will likely be required in the future.
NOTE: These programs require Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer and will work with either a Mac or a PC.

Tabulation Program Instructions - PC
Tabulation Program Instructions - MAC

High Kick Jazz Funk
High Kick - 7 or 8 Judges Jazz Funk- 7 or 8 Judges
High Kick - 5-6 Judges Jazz Funk- 5-6 Judges
High Kick - 4 or less Judges Jazz Funk- 4 or less Judges