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Introducing TEAMUP

Helping you Create a Positive Academic and Athletic Environment.

High School Athletic and Activity Administrators are on a constant quest to find new and innovative ways to provide meaningful experiences that build positive partnerships within their school communities all while having a powerful and lasting impact on the education of the student participant.

TeamUp is a resource based program that was created by a focus group of administrators and coaches whose challenge was to create a program that would center on education, meet the many diverse needs of its membership, and have the desired outcomes of respect, responsibility, fairness and integrity all while promoting the development of citizenship, sportsmanship, ethics, character and a healthy, chemically free lifestyle.

Through the TeamUp program we are able to provide the administrator with meaningful, pre-packaged, adaptable programming, that is ready to be delivered, and that will aid the administrator in educating their school community stakeholders. TeamUp simply provides them with the topics and the tools that can be delivered when needed.

TeamUp has three central categories or components that are focused on when developing resources: eligibility, health and wellness and hot topics that aid in the administration of high school athletics and activities. Administrators know that they will receive three new modules, one for each of the categories mentioned, in July of each year. We have set this timeline to best meet the needs of our member schools as they are beginning to meet with their stakeholders. All of these modules contain a video or presentation tool, a facilitator's guide, and various "best practice" resources that have been collected from administrators across Minnesota and from varying experts from across the nation. This program places practical tools into their hands without them having to undertake the time consuming task of creating handouts, presentations, and programming that will aid them in dealing with the issues faced everyday.
Here's what people say about

"The TeamUp program developed by the MSHSL is a user friendly program and a great resource for Minnesota high schools. We use many of the materials for parent meetings and health classes. We've also created a TeamUp student group that works to promote positive character and chemical free lifestyles."

Les Zellmann, Activities Administrator, St. James High School

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