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Working Together to get it Right
  Working Together to get it Right
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Team Up for Sportsmanship
  Team Up for Sportsmanship
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Working Together to get it Right
Team Up for Sportsmanship
Designed to heighten the awareness of sportsmanship at high school events. It emphasizes respect. It also communicates a set of statewide behavior expectations that were distilled at a sportsmanship summit that included over 90 students from around the state.

Working Together to get it Right
This video addresses the importance of sportsmanship from the official's perspective. This message is simple - official's are human and will make mistakes, but never on purpose. They work hard to get it right!!

Here's what people say about

"TeamUp is the answer to all the questions that parents, coaches, and athletic administrators don't even know to ask. An example is the module on the Physiological Effects of Alcohol. It is powerful information for coaches and parents who want to give students hard data that will help them make better decisions. I've been waiting for this kind of information. I believe it will have a "scared straight" effect on today's students."

Jaime Sherwood, Athletic Director, Wayzata High School


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