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Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis, Aug. 3, 2021

Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis, April 7. 2022

The Minnesota State High School High School League's Board of Directors held a regularly-scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the Minneapolis Marriott West in Golden Valley. Here is a look at the Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis.
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Baker-Kent’s dream of service includes term with Board of Directors

Dreaming was a daily activity for Lurline Baker-Kent and her siblings while growing up in Richmond, Calif. She had a brother that would routinely throw a blanket over their mother’s dining table and climb underneath to slip away into thoughts, visions and hopes for the future.
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Title IX through the decades with my family

It’s been an exciting year seeing the celebrations and memories that have been brought forward as part of commemorating the 50th year of Title IX. In reflecting on what Title IX has meant to, and provided for me and those closest to me, I spent time learning from my own mom who graduated from high school in 1962, reflecting on my own experiences as a 1985 graduate, and considering my daughter’s class of 2020 experience. Blended into those three time-markers are my sister whose graduation followed mine by three years and my two sisters-in-law who graduated in 1977.
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Harassment Policies and School Responsibilities

The Minnesota State High School League and the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals in collaboration and in following through on the February 24, 2022, Memorandum to the Education Community, are providing additional information for our all Minnesota high schools. The attached Memorandum reminds school administrators of the policies and responsibilities of schools in providing athletic and fine arts programming for their students.
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Memorandum to Members of the Education Community

Recently students, schools and communities have experienced racist events that tell us we as school leaders have more work to do. Mistreatment of anyone on any basis is not only intolerable, it is something we, as educational leaders, unequivocally condemn.  Racial, religious, or sexual harassment is simply unacceptable in our schools. The goal of safe, supportive school environments is of paramount importance. It is essential that every effort be made, and action is taken to ensure that all students have a safe environment in which to learn and participate in activities.  In addition, victims of racist words or actions need support. Together, we commit to making every effort to ensure that students have a safe environment in which to learn and participate in activities.