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Administrative Regions

The function of the Administrative Region is to select Region Committee members, Representative Assembly members, Board of Directors representatives and to administer section tournaments as assigned by the Board of Directors.  Administrative Regions vote on proposed Representative Assembly Amendments and provide feedback for Activity Advisory Committee proposals. 

Each Administrative Region is represented by a Region Committee that elects its members and hires an Executive Secretary.

Administrative Regions are governed by Board Policy. The Board of Directors places schools into eight Class A and eight Class AA Administrative Regions using the most current enrollment data from the MDE, and the following criteria:

  • Enrollment
  • Statewide representation
  • Geographic continuity

The recommended placement of a school into an Administrative Region is four years, but the Board of Directors determines the length of time a school is placed into an Administrative Region. The next Administration Region placement will take place in early 2021 in conjunction with the Competitive Section Placement Process.  During this process, schools are placed into classes and sections for competition, which may be different than the school's Administrative Region.