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Part-Time Employment Resources

If you receive a part-time employment contract to work for the MSHSL, you are a temporary employee. You will not be eligible to take part in any fringe benefit or retirement plans.

Submit W-4, I-9, and required documents to the individual identified on your contract. Employment is contingent upon receipt of these forms and documents.

W-4 Form

  • Complete the federal W-4 form.
  • Withholdings are made at a maximum level if we receive an incomplete W-4 form.

I-9 Form

Provide evidence of your identity and proof of your employment authorization to work in the United States

  1. Send a copy of one document from List A of official documents or

  2. One document from List B and

  3. One document from List C (see the list on the I-9 form). Federal law requires us to examine this documentation and to complete the I-9 form. Go to for complete instructions.

Independent Contractor Form

  • Used by Regions for Independent Contractors. 

Part Time Employment Form

  • Used by Regions for part-time employees.