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Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed Rule Changes fall into two categories:

  • Representative Assembly
  • Activity Advisory Committee

Representative Assembly

Activity Advisory Committee

The Activity Advisory Committee of each coaches and fine arts associations submit proposals seasonally to the League Office.  Committee proposals are advisory and only the Board of Directors may make decisions regarding any change to an activity. The Committees may submit proposals for the following:

  • Awards
  • State Tournament Recommendations
  • Regular Season and Section Tournament  Format Recommendations
  • Staff Recommendations (to Tournament Staff)
  • State Tournament Recommendations regarding sites and dates

The League office forwards proposals to Administrative Region Committees who conduct a straw vote and provide input and feedback to the League Office. The Activities Directors Advisory Committee and the Principals Advisory Committee will meet seasonally to provide input to the Board of Directors regarding each proposal. The Board of Directors reviews and acts on the Advisory Committee Recommendations.

The following proposals were discussion items at the April Board Meeting and will be action items at the June Board of Directors Board Meeting.

These forms are for current Advisory Committee members only