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Education-based coaches play a critical role in the holistic development of students.  Coaches are caring adults who have the power to create ethical, caring, and empathetic people who will contribute to an effective society for a lifetime.   It is an incredible opportunity and responsibility, one that coaches need to approach with conscious intent.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) provides coaches with ongoing professional development to assist coaches in establishing an education-based coaching purpose, providing a safe and healthy environment, and to intentionally integrate effective coaching strategies into their coaching experiences with students. 


Minnesota Statute 122A.33 requires individuals who want to be a head coach in Minnesota to have a teaching and coaching license or meet a 60 clock-hour equivalency. 

  • The MSHSL serves its member schools by providing the MN Head Coaches Course to help coaches meet this requirement.
  • This course is a seven hour in-person course and requires additional on-line requirements to meet 60 clock-hours of instruction.


The MSHSL Board Policy requires coaches at all levels to complete the Continuing Education Requirement (CER) once every three years.  The CER provides coaches with professional development in three areas;

  1. education-based philosophy,
  2. health and safety courses including concussion education, emergency planning and other health related items, and
  3. effective management of an athletic program.


The MSHSL requires and provides all coaches with a general rules module and a sport-specific rules interpretation module annually. 

Contact your school administrator to learn more about coach education opportunities.