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School Board Representative Resources

Minnesota State High School League

Mission Statement

The Minnesota State High School League provides educational opportunities for students through interscholastic athletics and fine arts programs, and provides leadership and support for member schools.


The League and its member schools are partners in all activities that happen within our schools, and we believe this video conveys this message in a motivating, clear fashion. In the video, you and your school community will learn more about the League’s three main goals:

  • Providing safe, respectful and inclusive environments
  • Recruiting and retaining coaches, officials and school administrators
  • Maintaining our focus on educational-based activities and sports


League Information

The MSHSL School Board Representative serves as a link between the member school’s governing board and the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). This position represents the school's interests, supports compliance with MSHSL regulations, and fosters a strong partnership between the member school and the League.

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) focuses on providing outstanding educational experiences, increasing its visibility, growing its opportunities for students, deepening its traditions, and enhancing its brand. The League will further its mission to enhance the opportunities for students in education-based activities and athletics through Strategic Directions.

By approving the MSHSL Resolution for Membership, the member school’s governing board agrees to adopt the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, Rules and Regulations of the League and all amendments published in the latest edition of the League's Official Handbook. These standards serve as minimum requirements for participation in said League-sponsored activities and athletics.

Catastrophic, concussion and tournament play insurance resources available to member schools.

Teams are classified by sport and activity for postseason competition and performances every two years. Competitive section placements are established in accordance with MSHSL board policy, taking into account enrollment and geography, with a balanced number of schools in each section at the time of placement. The MSHSL Board of Directors reviews and approves classifications and competitive section placements for postseason play in MSHSL-sponsored sports and fine arts activities every two years.

State law sets requirements for public elementary and secondary schools regarding school-sponsored events scheduled during election and caucus dates.

Board of Directors

This page includes MSHSL Board of Directors meeting agendas, minutes and meeting synopsis of past board meetings.

MSHSL Foundation

The MSHSL Foundation is a nonprofit association, serving both public and private schools, providing support for Minnesota's high school youth to participate in athletics and fine arts.  The primary goal of the Foundation will be to award grants that assist, recognize, promote, and fund extra-curricular participation by high school students in athletic and fine arts programs. These grants will be awarded based upon gender balance, school size, and geographic location to the extent possible.

School Board Updates

There are no updates at this time