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MSHSL Student Advisory and Leadership Team


Minnesota State High School League

Student Advisory and Leadership Team

Purposes of the MSHSL Student Advisory and Leadership Team: 

  • Provide student input to League staff and the MSHSL Board of Directors 
  • Communicate needs and challenges facing today’s student participants 
  • Identify best practices for coaches and advisors  
  • Develop leadership skills in Team members 
  • Inspire thoughtful, student-led action that supports the purpose and desired outcomes of the Student Advisory and Leadership Team

Team Member Expectations: 

  • Required attendance at four (4) in-person seasonal meetings. Tentatively planned for January, April, June, and September
  • Assume and expand leadership roles and responsibilities in their school and community 
  • Assist with State Tournaments, promotional and educational materials, and leadership training opportunities as desired and/or directed 

Team Member Responsibilities: (to be further developed with Team member input) 


Fall 2022:  

  • September: Educate member schools about the Team and make applications available to member schools 
  • October 21: Applications Due 

Winter 2022-2023: 

  • Dec. 2: Conclude interviews and select Team members 
  • January TBD: Hold an inaugural meeting 
  • Spring 2023 – Regular meeting schedule begins 

MSHSL Staff Liaisons:  

  • Lisa Quednow 
  • Charlie Campbell 


Interested students should complete the application linked below. 

  • In the application, you will be asked for information about yourself and your involvement in activities and athletics.
  • You will need your principal and activities directors' names and emails. These people will get an email requesting a reference for the applicant. 
  • You will be asked to submit a video or written response to the following prompts.  
  1. Why are you interested in becoming a member of the MSHSL Student Advisory and Leadership Team?
  2. If selected to serve on the MSHSL Student Advisory and Leadership Team, what aspects of education-based activities you would you be motivated to improve? Why?
  3. What would you like to accomplish at your high school before you graduate?