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Competitive Sections

Our member schools are classified by sport and activity for postseason competition and performances every two years. Competitive section placements are determined by enrollment and geography (as determined by MSHSL Board policy), with a balanced number of schools in each section at the time of placement. The Board of Directors reviews and approves classifications and competitive section placements for postseason play in MSHSL-sponsored sports and fine arts activities every two years.

MSHSL enrollment:

MSHSL enrollment is determined by the schools Minnesota Department of Education enrollment in year one in grades 9 – 12 minus 40 percent of their educational benefit. (free and reduced lunch)


The class member schools are placed to perform and compete during the postseason. A member school’s MSHSL enrollment determines classification. Schools have the option to both appeal, if they qualify, down in team sports and or opt up every two years. Classification is determined on odd-numbered years every two years.

Competitive Section Placement:

Determined every two years, like classification, member schools are placed by enrollment and geographic location in sports and activities where they compete for postseason play.

Section Map

  1. Select an activity
  2. Available are the following filters: year, school, section, class, and show cooperative sponsored teams.
  3. The number on the map pin indicates the class.
  4. Located to the left of the map are the number of teams in each section.
  5. Select “Show Coop Teams” to display the additional schools indicated by the arrows that begin at the host school and point to each school in the coop.

Section List

  1. Available are the following filters: activity, year, school, section, and class.
  2. Click on the ‘+’ sign to expand a section to see the schools
  3. Activities filter displays schools registered in that activity
  4. School filter displays the competitive sections for their registered activities.