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Activity Administration

Start of Practice or Season:
Start of Practice Information:

(Teams MAY practice for up to five additional days beginning on March 15. These five days may be used for conditioning arms and overall physical conditioning, and must be conducted using only baseballs, gloves, and catcher's equipment. See Bylaw 504.)

Maximum Number of Contests:


First Available Contest Date:
Last Date for Regular Season Competition:
Post Season Begins:
End of Season:
Player Participation:
  • Daily Limit: On any given day or in any three (3) consecutive days, a high school player shall not be permitted to pitch more than a total of 14 innings. Each out shall constitute one-third inning. If a pitcher is striving for a 42nd out and exceeds the limit because of a double or triple play, there shall be no violation. In any game the starting pitcher may return to the mound once in relief, however, if the pitcher is not a starter, the pitcher may make two relief appearances.
  • Season Limit: None
Official State Tournament Ball/Puck
Wilson WTA1010 BHS1-SST