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State Tournament

Nov 12–14, 2020 · Nov 19–21, 2020 · Nov 27–28, 2020


Various Sites · U.S. Bank Stadium

Activity Administration

Start of Practice or Season:
Start of Practice Information:

(1 week of conditioning followed by two weeks of practice)

First Available Contest Date:
Player Participation:

Daily Limit: An individual player may not participate in more than 6.5 quarters of play during any consecutive 3-day period. This limitation applies to participation in games at all levels of play: Junior High, B-Squad, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Quarters of play are as defined under Season Limitations. Any participation in a quarter counts as one quarter of a game with the exception of special teams. Participation on special teams only, counts as one-half of one quarter.
Season Limitation:No more quarters than six (6) times the number of varsity games scheduled. Player participation limitations include participation in Jr. High, B-Squad, JV and Varsity games. Participation in any quarter counts as one (1) quarter of a game. Participation on Special Teams only would count as one-half (1/2) quarter of play. Special Teams would be defined and limited to: Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt, Punt Return, Field Goal and Extra Point Kicking Teams only.

Last Day To Hold Section Tournament or Competition:
Official State Tournament Ball/Puck
Spalding Alpha


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