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Advisory Committee Recommendation to the MSHSL Board of Directors (Policy)

Activity Advisory Recommendation to the MSHSL Board of Directors (Policy)

This form is for current Activity Advisory Committee members only.

Be advised that the role of the committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Minnesota State High School League Board. The Board accepts the following committee recommendations as advisory and is the body responsible for making decisions on these proposed amendments. The Board will consider the impact of the recommendation on the activity, tournament, schools, students, the costs of implementation, and precedent for all sports and activities.  Please see the Activity Advisory Committee process in the first part of the MSHSL Handbook.

This form must be completed in full before your recommendation will be forwarded to the Activity Advisory Committee.

Recommendations should have author representation of activities administrators, principals, and coaches from activity advisory. Administrative Regions from Class A and AA should also be included along with considerations of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Activity/Activities (Check all that apply)
Current Rule/Policy
Proposed Recommendation
Include socio-economics, enrollments and underrepresented populations, equity and precedent amongst sports and activities.
Coaches, Administrators, Superintendents, Officials, etc.
Please consider participation, mission, beliefs, Title IX, officials availability, finances and the administration of the tournament. 
Length of Tournament
Primary Author and Contact for Proposal