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MSHSL Handbook

Minnesota State High School League

General Information

  • Mission Statement, Beliefs, Founding Purposes
  • Resolution for Retiring Board Members
  • Representative Assembly Process
  • Activity Advisory Process
  • Board Members
  • MSHSL Staff
  • Administrative Region School Assignments

General Eligibility Bylaws

  • Age
  • Attendance
  • Credit Requirements
  • Enrollment
  • Grade Level Eligibility
  • Graduates of Secondary Schools
  • Physical Examination
  • Scholastic Eligibility
  • Seasons of Participation
  • Semesters Enrolled
  • Transfer and Residence

Student Eligibility Bylaws

  • Amateur Status
  • Assault
  • Athletic Camps and Clinic
  • Awards
  • Chemical Eligibility
  • Good Standing: General Eligibility Requirements
  • National Teams and Olympic Development Programs
  • Non-School Competition and Training
  • Sexual/Racial/Religious Harassment/Violence and Hazing in League-sponsored Athletic and Fine ARts Activities

Administration of Student Eligibility Bylaws

  • Fair Hearing Procedure and Acknowledgement of Rights
  • Certifiying Student Elibility
  • Cities of the First Class Eligibility Rules
  • Eligibility Information Brochure for Athletics and Fine Arts
  • Ineligible Student
  • Master Eligibility List
  • Responsibility for Student Eligibility
  • Undue Influence on Students
  • Undue Solicition of a Student 

Administration of Athletic Program Bylaws

  • Cheerleading
  • Contest Rules
  • Cooperative Sponsorship of an Activity by Two or More Member Schools
  • Local Control
  • Minimum Requirements for Participation in League-Sponsored Tournaments
  • Physical Development Programs
  • Protests Against Decisions of Contest Officials
  • Reporting Violations of League Bylaws
  • Responsibility for Teams, Students, and Spectators
  • Sanctions
  • Scheduling of Contests
  • Sponsored Activities
  • Game Officials

Interscholastic Athletic Activities

  • Maximum Number of Contests
  • Daily/Season Participation Limitations
  • Badminton, Girls
  • Baseball
  • Basketball, Boys and Girls
  • Bowling, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Cross Country Running, Boys and Girls
  • Football
  • Golf, Boys and Girls
  • Gymnastics, Girls
  • Hockey, Boys and Girls/Hockey, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Lacrosse, Boys and Girls
  • Skiing, Alpine/Nordic Ski Racing, Boys and Girls
  • Soccer, Boys and Girls/Soccer, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Softball, Boys and Girls/Softball, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Swimming and Diving, Boys and Girls
  • Synchronized Swimming, Girls
  • Tennis, Boys and girls
  • Volleyball, Girls
  • Wrestling 
  • Dance Team


  • Former Executive Directors and Board Members
  • Board Policy Statements
  • History of the Minesota State High School League
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Constitution
  • State Legislation
  • Key Word Reference
  • Index