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Outstanding Media Service Award, Print Division: Ryan Bergeron

Posted: Monday, February 27, 2023 - 10:18 AM

Ryan Bergeron

Ryan Bergeron of Page 1 Publications in Greenbush, Minn., is an award-winning reporter that shares the journeys of high school students.

Ryan Bergeron had an early entrance into the journalism field.

As a 16-year-old junior at Greenbush-Middle River High School, he was a 103-pounder on the wrestling team. His father was the head coach. Knowing his son’s curiosity of trying different thing, he encouraged Ryan to begin writing articles about the wrestling team.

“It was a little strange at first because, at times, I was not only writing about my teammates, but I’d also be mentioning myself,” Bergeron said with a laugh. “It uncovered a love of writing that I didn’t know I had. I then became manager of the softball team and it continued to grow.”

Bergeron’s passion for writing and his flair for reporting on co-educational opportunities that he experienced and knows well, has paved the way into a journalism career with Page 1 Publications, which includes his hometown Greenbush Tribune. For his robust passion for writing the experiences of high school students and commitment to covering events that encompass all activities, Bergeron was selected the Minnesota State High School League’s recipient of the Outstanding Media Service Award in the Print Division.

“There is a generation of readers that still love the print edition of the newspaper,” said Bergeron, an award-winning reporter. “Whether it is in print form or digital format, it is my job to share the stories, journeys and memories of all of these high school students. I take great pride in that. In high school, I got involved in all of the activities because I wanted to be involved. I met a variety of people; I have different varieties of friends and a different variety of memories.”

At Greenbush-Middle River, he participated in theater and choir, as well as wrestling.

“I got the same kind of nerves going on stage to perform as I did on the wrestling mat at the state tournament,” he said. “Both were all a part of the experience.”

These days, he gets chills walking into the school’s gym called “The Swamp,” to cover a variety of events. He also gets excited about his role in directing the school’s on-stage production. He also substitute teaches one day a week at the school.

“Whether it is Robotics, Fine Arts or athletics, it is really rewarding to see the students shine,” he said. “I’ve been there. It is easy for me to cover and capture the experiences of League activities because I was one of these kids.

“There are so many niches in journalism. I write about a variety of different topics. Find a topic or area that you enjoy doing. Surround yourself with that and make sure you pick something you are passionate about. That will sustain you.”

Bergeron will be recognized with service award during halftime of the Class AAA boys basketball championship game on Saturday, March 25 at Target Center in Minneapolis.


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