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Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis, Sept. 21, 2020

Posted: Monday, September 21, 2020 - 6:37 PM

Minnesota State High School League

Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis

League Office, Brooklyn Center and via digital platform

Monday, September 21, 2020, 9 a.m.


·       Board President Blaine Novak called the meeting to order and welcomed the Board of Directors to the special meeting.

·       The Board of Directors approved by roll call vote an amended meeting agenda. The additional items to the Discussion agenda were:

Return to Participation Medical Clearance Form

Membership Fees

Spring Activities Practice Sessions (added later in the meeting following a brief recess)

·       Dawn Gillman, representing the #LetThemPlayMN initiative, addressed the Board of Directors during the public comment portion of the meeting.

·       Dr. Bill Roberts, the chair of the League’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, shared information with the Board of Directors on recommendations from the committee, recent data studies, and factors that impact the safety of participation.

Lobbyist Report

·       League Lobbyist Roger Aronson reported support from Legislative leaders and the Governor’s Office for the League’s processes in decision-making.

Legal Counsel Report

·       Legal Counsel Kevin Beck reported one lawsuit pending. A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 22, 2020.  

Action Items (Roll call votes were used on all Action Items because of virtual meeting protocol)

6A: Reconsider Placement of Fall Activities Seasons

·       Adapted Soccer: The Board of Directors unanimously approved by roll call vote a recommendation by the Minnesota Adapted Athletics Association to hold practice sessions in lieu of a competitive season.  The practice sessions will take place between Sept. 21 and Oct. 23 with a limit of eight daily sessions. Practice sessions for a co-op provide the option to hold practices at the individual schools of the co-op rather than as a team.

·       Volleyball: The Board of Directors approved by roll call vote a proposal to return volleyball to the fall activities season. An 11-week season will begin on Sept. 28 with competition beginning on Oct. 8 and 14 regular season contests.

·       Football:  The Board of Directors approved by roll call vote a motion to return football to the fall activities season. A 10-week season will begin on Sept. 28 with competition beginning on Oct. 9 with six regular season contests.

Discussion Item

                     7A: Postseason Competition for Fall Activities

·       Girls Tennis --- A recommendation from the Girls Tennis Advisory Committee is to host a team tournament at the section level. Matches will be held outdoors by the high seed culminating in a champion.

·       Boys and Girls Soccer --- Recommendation is a section tournament over two weeks of play beginning the week of Oct. 12. Semifinals and finals will be played the following week.

·       Girls Swimming and Diving --- Section events will begin the week of Oct. 19 at multiple sites around Minnesota. The meets may take place simultaneously or be held over two days. The meet format will allow four teams to compete at one time in one pool. Four entries per event are allowed for each team.   

·       Boys and Girls Cross Country --- Section meets will be held at multiple sites around Minnesota the week of Oct. 12. Meets can be held over two days. A maximum of four teams will be allowed on the course at one time. Teams will be limited to six runners. That follows the Minnesota Department of Health guideline of no more than 25 runners on the starting line at one time. The section meets will be limited to varsity races only.

7B: Return to Participation Medical Clearance Form:

·       The Board of Directors discussed implementation of a post-COVID Return to Participation clearance form for participants diagnosed with, or testing positive, for COVID-19. The document has been supplied by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee to assist member schools.

7C: Membership Dues:

·       The Board of Directors shared discussion, comments and reflections on the League’s financial situation and the membership dues statements sent to member schools. Discussion will continue at the regularly scheduled Oct. 1 Board Meeting.

7D: Spring activities practice sessions

·       The Board of Directors discussed the fall training seasons that are currently in place for volleyball, football and spring activities, with support for leaving the decision of implementing the training seasons to member schools.


·       Next board meeting: Thursday, Oct. 1

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