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Officials Spotlight: You Make The Call

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2022 - 4:39 PM

Basketball: Team A is awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. A1’s throw-in pass is illegally kicked by B2.
Basketball: You Make The Call

Ruling:  As a result of B2’s kicking violation, Team A is awarded a new throw-in at the designated spot nearest to where the kicking violation (illegal touching) occurred.  Since the alternating-possession throw-in had not been contacted legally, the throw-in has not ended and therefore, the arrow remains with Team A for the next alternating-possession throw-in.  (4-42-5; 6-4-5)

Cross Country Running: Runner A and Runner B are nearing the finish line with Runner A having a slight lead over Runner B. Runner B attempts to overtake Runner A, Runner A extends their arm to the side in front of Runner B's chest, impeding Runner B's ability to pass. Both runners finished in the top six, which was the cut off for qualifying for the state meet. Who qualifies for the state meet?
Cross Country Running: You Make The Call

Ruling: Runner B qualifies. Runner A is disqualified by rule 8-6-1b "A competitor is disqualified who...interferes with another competitor. From Rule 5-9-1, interference is any action by a competitor that unfairly changes the course or natural running rhythm of a competitor during a race. This may include bumping, tripping or running across the competitor's path." If the team of Runner A has a score that, even given the disqualification of Runner A, qualifies for the state meet, can Runner A compete in the state meet? If the team qualifies as a team, and Runner A is allowed to compete at the state meet.

Football: A punt was fair caught. The Kicker has the ball on Receiving Team’s 40-yard line for a free kick. The ball is in this position following: (a) a fair catch; or (b) an awarded fair catch; or (c) a safety followed by several dead-ball penalties. In all three cases, K1 place kicks the ball between the uprights and over the crossbar.
Football: You Make The Call

Ruling:  Field goal in (a) and (b), and touchback in (c). [8-4-1, 8-4-2, 8-5-3a(1)]

Hockey: Teams are skating at an equal number of players. The referee signals two delayed minor penalties to Team A. Before play is stopped, Team B scores. What happens next?
Hockey: You Make The Call

Ruling: The first signaled penalty is assessed; however, the penalty time is not served. The second signaled penalty time is served. Both penalties are recorded on the scoresheet. (4-10-2)

Swimming: When the starting wedges were added to the starting platform they created a unique situation for relay starts. The second, third and fourth swimmer discovered that by moving the starting wedge to the front of the block, putting one foot on the top of the wedge and the other behind the wedge, and then as the previous swimmer came into the finish end, the takeoff swimmer would move the back foot to the top of the wedge with the other foot and take off with both feet on the wedge. By rule, is this legal?
Swimming: You Make The Call

Ruling: No. Not only is it illegal and unsafe, it is also a violation of the height rule from the surface of the water and the takeoff point of the pad. In addition, the wedge is not considered part of the platform surface and that violated the rule stating that the swimmer must come in contact with the front edge of the platform when taking off. Officials now have to not only watch when the swimmer leaves the block (after the previous swimmer touches), but must also have to be sure the swimmer leaves the starting pad with at least one foot in contact with the pad, and not from the starting wedge.

Wrestling: The wrestlers go back to the center of the mat for a restart from the bottom position with Wrestler A on top. Before Wrestler B assumes the bottom position on the restart, Wrestler A signals to the referee the desire to start in the neutral position. What is the procedure for the referee?
Wrestling: You Make The Call

Ruling: The referee will signal a neutral position for the restart and award a match point to Wrestler B for an escape. Wrestling will now resume from the neutral position. (Rule 5-19-6)

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