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Since 1916, the Minnesota State High School League remains rooted as a non-profit voluntary association that provides service, leadership and extra-curricular opportunities to more than 500 member schools. Through interscholastic athletic and fine arts activities, the League’s mission is to provide educational and leadership opportunities for students across its membership of public, private, online, charter and home schools.

The League consistently ranks among the top state associations across the nation with more than 240,000 high school students participating annually in athletics and fine arts activities. The League also oversees more than 8,000 registered contest officials and judges, as well as provides leadership opportunities for administrators and certification programs for coaches. The League also focuses on programs that are based on the principles of a strong education and teaches students through sportsmanship, recognition and scholarships.

As a non-profit organization, the League neither solicits, nor receives, state funding. The League’s primary revenue streams come from state tournament ticket sales, broadcast rights and corporate partnerships.


Founding Purposes

The Minnesota State High School League is organized for the following educational purposes:

  • To provide, promote, manage and administer a program of activities for students of the member schools on subsection, section and state levels in athletics and fine arts.
  • To establish uniform and equitable rules for students in extra-curricular activities.
  • To elevate standards of sportsmanship and to encourage the growth of responsible citizenship among students, member schools and their communities.
  • To protect students, member schools and their communities from exploitation by special interest groups.
  • To provide mutual benefit and relief plans for the assistance of students injured in extra-curricular activities in meeting medical and hospital expenses incurred by reason of such injuries.
  • To serve the best interests of member schools and their students by providing a medium of cooperation and coordination in educational fields of endeavor and a series of related activities on a state-wide basis, which they individually could not achieve or accomplish for their students and which aid and assist the schools in maintaining a constantly improved program.



We believe that:

  • Participation in school activity programs is a privilege and not a right.
  • Academic priorities must come before participation in athletic or fine arts activities.
  • Students should have an equal opportunity to participate in all activities offered by their school.
  • Participation in school-sponsored activities must be inclusive, not exclusive.
  • Ethical behavior, dignity and respect are non-negotiable.
  • Sportsmanship needs to have a constant presence in all school-based activity programs.
  • Student participants who choose to be chemically free must be supported.
  • Positive role models and an active involvement in a student’s life by parents and others are critical to student success.


  • Collaborative relationships with parents enhance a school’s opportunity to positively impact student success.
  • High school activity programs are designed for student participants, and adults must serve in a supportive role.
  • The success of the team is more important than individual honors.
  • Compliance with school, community and League rules is essential for all activity participants.
  • Postseason participation at the state level must recognize and support opportunities for both individuals and teams from all geographic regions of the state.
  • Ethical behavior, fairness, and embracing diversity best serve students and school communities.