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Bracket Printing

Viewing brackets online is suggested as brackets are updated frequently and online viewing provides the most accurate information.

Below is some information to assist in printing brackets.

There are a number of different bracket configurations based on the number of teams, and the tournament format. The optimal printing options vary depending on your needs and the bracket. 

Using printer properties will let you adjust the printed bracket. Printer properties are specific to your computer/tablet, browser and printer. 

Brackets are designed to print in Landscape layout.

Settings to consider based on your brackets and technology set up:

  • Scaling down in percentage will fit more on one page. 
  • Switching the Layout from Landscape to Portrait combined with scaling will fit more one one page for larger brackets.
  • Setting the Range will let you print the desired pages. 

The images below are representative of one specific printer.  The location and availability of these settings will vary depending on your printer/computer/browser.


Printing Layout


Printing Scale


Printing Pages

Page Range