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MSHSL Resolution for Membership 2022-2023

Minnesota State High School League

Resolution for Membership


This resolution has two parts: 

  1. Download the Resolution for Membership form and have it completed by your school's Governing Board.
  2. When the Resolution for Membership form has been completed, complete the information below and upload the completed form here.  

When you submit the form, you will receive an email confirming your submission with your results. 


Governing boards/districts that have multiple high schools must complete this form once for each school. Page one of the Resolution for Membership Form that you will upload can be completed by the district and submitted once for all schools in the district or under the same governing board.

Name of person submitting Resolution for Membership
Position of person submitting Resolution for Membership


The following is taken from the MSHSL Constitution: 


  • 208.01 Designated School Representatives -At the beginning of the League’s fiscal year, the governing board of each member school shall designate two (2) representatives who are authorized to vote for the member school at all district, region and section meetings and on mail ballots where member schools are called upon to vote, such as district meetings, region meetings, and mail ballots. 
  • One of the designated representatives shall be a member of the school’s governing board and the other shall be an administrator or full-time faculty member of the member school. 
  • In school districts with multiple schools, the designated representative from the school district’s governing body may represent more than one school and is entitled to one vote for each school they represent. 

208.02 Designated Activity Representatives -At the beginning of the League’s fiscal year, the governing board of each member school shall select individuals to represent its school in the following areas: (a) boys sports; (b) girls sports; (c) speech; and (d) music.

208.03 Local Advisory Committee -Each school is urged to form an advisory committee for League activities. Committee membership is not limited to but shall include a school board member, a student, a parent, and a faculty member, to advise the designated school representatives on all matters relating to the school’s membership in the MSHSL. 

The Mailing Representative is the person to whom all mailings from the League office will be sent. Schools usually name the activity director as the primary recipient of the mailings or email messages. 

Upload your Resolution for Membership, signed by your school's governing board. 
One file only.
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