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Health and Safety: Concussion


MSHSL Concussion CER Module: This video was prepared by the Minnesota State High School League in 2023 for viewing by officials to attain eligible official status. It is nearly identical to the module prepared for MSHSL Coaches.​

This video is posted to provide an opportunity for those at Member Schools to view this information. ​

Coaches, officials or others will NOT receive credit or a certificate for viewing this video. Coaches must watch this module on their MSHSL Dashboard and officials must watch this module in Arbiter to receive credit. 

Learning Modules

NFHS Concussion Course

The NFHS has teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. This course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion.  Free course.  Requires Registration. Certificate of Completion.

NFHS Concussion for Students

Concussion for Students, developed in Partnership with the Barrow Neurological Institute, has been designed specifically for students to inform them on how to identify, react to, and prevent concussions.  This free course is presented as a social media conversation, showing how four different students learn about concussion in different ways.  It includes high school students and medical professionals discussing concussion.  The key goal is for students to be able to identify signs and symptoms of a concussion so that they can get immediate help before any further injury can occur.  Free course.  Requires Registration. Certificate of Completion.

HeadStrong Concussion Program