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MSHSL Handbook | Governance Documents

Minnesota State High School League

Official Handbook

General Information

  • Resolution for Retiring Board Members
  • Table of Contents
  • Founding Purposes, Mission Statement and Beliefs of the MSHSL
  • Board Members
  • Representative Assembly Process
  • Activity Advisory Committee Process
  • MSHSL Staff and Administrative Region Secretaries
  • Member Schools by Administrative Region 
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Name
  • Purpose
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Membership
  • Dues
  • Refund of Surplus
  • Annual Audit
  • Local Control
  • Region Committees
  • Representative Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Activity Bylaws
  • Voting and Quorum
  • Amendments to the Constitution
  • Amendments to Bylaws

General Eligibility Bylaws

  • Age
  • Attendance
  • Credit Requirements
  • Enrollment
  • Grade Level Eligibility
  • Graduates of Secondary Schools
  • Physical Examination
  • Scholastic Eligibility
  • Seasons of Participation
  • Semesters Enrolled
  • Transfer and Residence
  • Board Policies

Student Eligibility Bylaws

  • Amateur Status
  • Assault
  • Athletic Camps and Clinic
  • Awards
  • Chemical Eligibility
  • Good Standing: General Eligibility Requirements
  • National Teams and Olympic Development Programs
  • Non-School Competition and Training
  • Sexual/Racial/Religious Harassment/Violence and Hazing in League-Sponsored Athletic and Fine Arts Activities
  • Board Policies

Administration of Student Eligibility Bylaws

  • Fair Hearing Procedure
  • Certifying Student Eligibility
  • Cities of the First Class Eligibility Rules
  • Eligibility Information Brochure for Athletics and Fine Arts Activities
  • Ineligible Student
  • Master Eligibility List
  • Responsibility for Student Eligibility
  • Undue Influence on Students
  • Undue Solicition of a Student
  • Board Policies 

Administration of Athletic Program Bylaws

  • Cheerleading
  • Contest Rules
  • Cooperative Sponsorship of an Activity by Two or More Member Schools
  • Local Control
  • Minimum Requirements for Participation in League-Sponsored Tournaments
  • Physical Development Programs
  • Protests Against Decisions of Contest Officials
  • Reporting Violations of League Bylaws
  • Responsibility for Participating Teams, Students and Spectators
  • Sanctions
  • Scheduling of Contests
  • Sponsored Activities
  • Game Officials
  • Board Policies (District Football Updated 8-1-23)
  • Minnesota Statutes

Interscholastic Athletic Activities

  • Maximum Number of Contests
  • Daily/Season Participation Limitations
  • Badminton, Girls
  • Baseball
  • Basketball, Boys and Girls
  • Bowling, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Cross Country Running, Boys and Girls
  • Football
  • Golf, Boys and Girls
  • Gymnastics, Girls
  • Hockey, Boys and Girls
  • Lacrosse, Boys and Girls
  • Skiing, Alpine/Nordic Ski Racing, Boys and Girls
  • Soccer, Boys and Girls
  • Softball, Fastpitch, Girls
  • Swimming and Diving, Boys and Girls
  • Synchronized Swimming, Girls
  • Tennis, Boys and Girls
  • Volleyball, Girls
  • Wrestling 
  • Dance Team
  • Hockey, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Soccer, Adapted, Co-educational
  • Softball, Adapted, Co-educational


  • Board Policy Statements
  • State Legislation
  • History of the Minnesota State High School League
  • Former Executive Directors and Board Members
  • Key Word Reference

Board Policies

Each activity sponsored by the MSHSL is empowered by the Board of Directors to organize an Activity Advisory Committee.

Its purpose is to:

  1. Review the rules, policies and procedures for the conduct of the sub-section, section and state tournaments.
  2. Prepare recommendations seasonally according to the established timeline which will improve the organization, management and/or administration of the tournament(s) within the rules and policies of the MSHSL.

Recommendations from the Advisory Committees are sent to the Class A and AA Region Committees, the Athletic Directors Advisory Committee and the Principals Advisory Committee. Comments from each Region Committee, the Athletic Directors Committee and the Principals Advisory Committee are submitted to the League’s Board of Directors prior to their action.

An activity or sport that is requested by a group of member schools to become a fully-governed interscholastic program must follow the defined steps to reach fully-governed, interscholastic status.

As part of the Emerging Status application process, an activity/sport must have a minimum of 20 school-based teams (no more than one per member high school or co-op) competing for two consecutive years prior to the application. In addition, the application for Emerging Status must also include a minimum of 20 teams that will provide a completed commitment form indicating their commitment to register for the activity/sport with the MSHSL should Emerging Status be granted.

Developed by MSHSL students to create safe, welcoming and inclusive environments in fine arts and sports in our school and competitions.

Interpretation of Bylaw 107.02 After major surgery or serious illness or injury, the attending physician must certify in writing the student's readiness to return to competition.  Interpretation from  MSHSL Sports Medicine Advisory committee. 

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, is prohibited for any purpose by any person at any MSHSL post-season tournament venues.   

For the purpose of providing opportunities for player participation, schools with sufficient numbers may sponsor more than one team at the sub-varsity level.

Pursuant to Bylaw 201.00, a student may not participate in League-sponsored activities unless the student is an amateur in that activity. 

The official squad for each team sport shall conform to the following limitations governing MSHSL tournaments.

The League may engage in an agreement to become a Presenting Partner of a state championship of an interscholastic and education-based fine arts activity or sport operated by a non-MSHSL governing body. This partnership must be deemed mutually beneficial, promote and support the identified program and increase the participation of high school students, including those who have not typically engaged in MSHSL activities. The appropriate definitions and requirements of the activities and the governing organization are further explained in this document.

  • Seeding Policy
  • Forfeiture Policy - Before Seeding/After Seeding
  • Modifications for Special Recognitions
  • Memorial, Commemorative or United States Flag Patches for Uniforms
  • Certification and Substitutions for Team Sports
  • Certification and Substitution for Team/Individual Sports with Combined Championships
  • Substitutions for Individual Sports

The process for sunsetting a fine arts activity or sport (program) is defined through specific bylaws and/or policies and the steps as defined within this document.

  • Options for  the competition placement of qualifying teams into team state tournaments
  • Process for making proposals for the placement

Board Policy for Weather Conditions and Competition or Practice

  • PART 1 –Competition and Practice Guidelines for Lightning/Threatening Weather
  • PART 2 –Competition and Practice Guidelines for Cold  
  • PART 3 –Competition and Practice Guidelines for Heat
  • PART 4 –Competition and Practice Guidelines for Air Quality

Sport and Activity Rules and Policies

Minnesota Modifications