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Officials and Judges

Officials and judges are crucial to ensure that participants of Minnesota State High School League activities have co-curricular experiences. After all, without officials and judges, there are no games or contests. It is just recess.

When playing careers are completed, or you’d like to give back to activities as a way to pay tribute to your high school experience, officiating is an outstanding avocation. Officials are crucial in providing student-participants an opportunity to learn life lessons through athletics and Fine Arts activities. Enforcing the rules of the game fairly, and consistently, and holding students and coaches to behavior expectations are vitally important to high school events.

There are more than 6,200 officials and contest judges that are registered with the League. The League can help you get started on your officiating journey. With educational resources through League-generated curriculum and the National Federation of State High School Associations, you will have an abundance of tools, training clinics and supportive officials and mentors to help guide your journey.

From starting at the sub-varsity level to earning an assignment to officiate a state championship game, we are confident your officiating journey will be a successful and memorable one.