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Viewing Rosters/Generating or Creating Programs

There are a number of ways that rosters can be viewed and downloaded and/or printed for distribution.  

All options rely on schools entering their rosters into rSchools.  Once rosters are in rSchools, they can be viewed on rSchools AND the MSHSL website. Please see the options shared below. 

Schools have a number of options for getting rosters into rSchools depending on systems they're using, size of programs, and assignment of tasks to coaches and/or activities department staff. Schools looking for information on how to enter rosters through rSchools should use the School Administrator Website Guide linked as the top button on the right side of their Dashboard.  

Option A-Using the MSHSL Website

View- Rosters are available for viewing on each School's Team Page. 

  • Go to Schools at the top of the website-->Pick/search for school-->Pick the button for the sport. 

Create a Program

  • Use the MSHSL Roster Generator page linked below

Download a CSV file to use in creating a program

  • Use the MSHSL Roster Generator page linked below


Option B-Using rSchools. 


  • View Rosters from the top bar of a school's rSchools page. You can get to a school's rSchools page from the See Full School Schedules on rSchools button. 



Co-op rosters are still in development on the MSHSL website.  At this time only the rSchools options work for co-op team rosters.