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Tournament News

Caledonia Action Photo

2019 Prep Bowl Summary

July 22, 2020

Caledonia captures fifth consecutive Class AA crown; Three teams win first championships

Most Valuable Teammate Week 20

Chase Vargo

– Senior, Basketball, Boys

As captain of a team that has had little success on the scoreboard, Chase has filled many different roles. He has done so without complain and is a constant leader and supporter of all players on the team. TCU will have a better program in the future because of Chase's leadership.

Wells Fargo


Rick Engelstad Showcase

Rick Engelstad

August 26, 2020

Kevin Britt Official

Kevin Britt

July 13, 2020

Becky Blissenbach Dance Judge

Becky Blissenbach

July 13, 2020

Oliver Paleen Triple 'A' Winner

Oliver Paleen 

July 13, 2020

AnnaGrace Nelson Triple 'A' Winner

AnnaGrace Nelson

July 13, 2020