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Most Valuable Teammate Week 10

Aleen Jude

Minnetonka High School – Sophomore, Debate

Aleen has supported her teammates through encouragement, being reliable, and expanding her knowledge to help the team. Despite a completely virtual season, Aleen has shown commitment by showing up to every practice, including optional varsity practice, and being prepared to discuss relevant research topics. She can be counted on to do extra research for the team and also share her findings so all teammates benefit.

Wells Fargo


Rick Engelstad Showcase

Rick Engelstad

August 26, 2020

Kevin Britt Official

Kevin Britt

July 13, 2020

Becky Blissenbach Dance Judge

Becky Blissenbach

July 13, 2020

Oliver Paleen Triple 'A' Winner

Oliver Paleen 

July 13, 2020

AnnaGrace Nelson Triple 'A' Winner

AnnaGrace Nelson

July 13, 2020