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The Best Of John's Journal From 2020-21/ No. 10: The Lessons Of Covid-19

Everything Is Different, Everyone Learns To Adjust

Posted: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 12:13 PM

As I have done every year for more than a decade, I have selected my personal favorite Top 10 John's Journal stories from the past school year. The 2020-21 year was unlike any other, with Covid-19 lurking everywhere and impacting everything. 

There were lots of stories about how the pandemic changed things, and today's entry -- No. 10 on the Top 10 list -- came about because of the virus. The occasion was an October football game between Bemidji and Edina, which was scheduled just two days before kickoff ... after both teams lost that week's opponent due to Covid protocols. Everything was new, especially for the first-year head coaches for both teams.

As I wrote, "This season is wild enough even for experienced coaches, but imagine being new in the job and trying to get routines in place when everything can be flipped upside down in a heartbeat." The story began like this...

As another week of high school activities ends under the nasty, dark eye of the corona virus, two things have become clear, two things that are paramount as we continue to navigate this roller-roaster ride in the dark.

Number 1: Be flexible. Number 2: Take care of each other.

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