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Most Valuable Teammate

Every team has a Most Valuable Teammate!

The Minnesota State High School League and corporate sponsor Wells Fargo are excited to sponsor a weekly award program—The Most Valuable Teammate (MVT) Award—for students who are great teammates. These students will be recognized weekly on the League’s social media platforms throughout the year beginning in September.

We’re calling on activity directors, sport coaches and directors of speech, debate, music, and drama to nominate students who exemplify the qualities of a great teammate.

Characteristics of a Valuable Teammate:

  • Positive influence on their team—putting the team before self
  • Exemplifies leadership and sportsmanship
  • Respectful, reliable and supportive of others

Student nominations will be accepted throughout the year during every season of play. This award is for athletes and fine arts participants. Students who participate in League-sponsored adapted athletics are also eligible for this award.

Student nominations must be emailed on Monday (prior to the announcement of the winner Thursday) to John Millea at and should include the student’s name, grade, school and the activity in which the student participates. You must also submit a school or graduation photo of the student along with a brief explanation (three or four sentences) why the student deserves the MVT Award.

Every Thursday the League will announce the MVT via social media—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These students will receive an MVT certificate and they will also be recognized in a special scoreboard feature during the fall, winter and spring state tournaments.

The Minnesota State High School League and Wells Fargo are excited to present this award to students who are the backbones of our activity programs. We appreciate your support and look forward to receiving your MVT nominee soon. MVT Nomination Form

Questions about this program can be directed to Lisa Lissimore at or 763-560-2262.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 13

Trent Bowe

Mound Westonka High School – Senior, Hockey, Boys

Trent is a natural leader! He leads by example and improves upon himself and his craft every day. His enthusiasm and love for others is contagious to everyone around him, making all who know him better for it. His competitive nature and work ethic as a three-sport varsity athlete and captain is also what makes him a role model to his teammates and youngsters in our community!

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 12

Braiziah Dixon

Woodbury High School – Junior, Volleyball, Girls

Braiziah was a returning varsity player and made large strides between her sophomore and junior seasons. She showed leadership on and off the court, being a vocal leader in huddles and many times selflessly working with teammates to help them and the team get better. This earned her the respect of her teammates and makes her deserving of this award.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 11

Jack Wilmes

New Prague High School – Senior, Hockey, Boys

Jack models what is means to be a leader on and off the ice. As the captain of the New Prague High School hockey team, Jack is someone that his teammates and coaches rely on regularly, and he never disappoints. He is an inspiration to all of New Prague. Jack is a positive role model who will do whatever it takes to help his teammates succeed.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 10

Aleen Jude

Minnetonka High School – Sophomore, Debate

Aleen has supported her teammates through encouragement, being reliable, and expanding her knowledge to help the team. Despite a completely virtual season, Aleen has shown commitment by showing up to every practice, including optional varsity practice, and being prepared to discuss relevant research topics. She can be counted on to do extra research for the team and also share her findings so all teammates benefit.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 9

Nick Vetsch

Stewartville High School – Senior, Football

Nick is the model of what it means to be a servant leader.  As a student manager for four years, he consistently put our programs, players and coaches ahead of himself.  Whether it be the offseason, summer or in-season, Nick has worked tirelessly to make sure the football, basketball and baseball experiences for everyone was the best it could be.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 8

Grace has a positive attitude and is willing to do anything she can to help her teammates succeed. She gave motivational pep talks to our servers during timeouts and they served 99% of their serves in after listening to her encouraging words! Grace is a phenomenal teammate who is an inspiration to others and instrumental to our success!

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 7

Alex Bellefeuille

Swanville High School – Senior, Football

Alex is always the first person to carry equipment and take yard markers, pylons, etc. in after games. These jobs are normally done by freshmen, not seniors who are starters on the team. He is always encouraging to all of his teammates because he was one of those kids who worked his tail off to become a starter.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 6

Harry Carlson

Brainerd High School – Senior, Football

Harry is a young man who has sacrificed a ton for his team by giving up his time to go to boot camp, but always kept in touch with his teammates during that time and serving as a caption for the football team while in boot camp. When on the field, you won’t find a young man who is more optimistic with all of his teammates and goes out of his way to help younger teammates on and off the field. He is not only willing to sacrifice for his country but sacrifice each and every day for the betterment of his team.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 5

Jaheim Omeally

St. Paul Central High School – Senior, Football

Jaheim, a two-year starter, was lost for the 2020 season due to an injury but that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his role as captain. He shows up at every practice and game while working a full-time job and earning Bs in the classroom. Dedicated and hardworking, Jaheim is an example of excellence who goes the extra mile for others and expects nothing in return.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 4

Dylan Moua

Hmong College Prep Academy – Junior, Soccer, Boys

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 3

Caden wasn't able to participate in cross-country this season due to injury, but he never complained that he wasn't able to run. Instead, Caden was at every practice and meet, encouraging his teammates, helping the coaches, and offering his assistance. His leadership is a wonderful example for others to follow.  

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 2

Triniti Gbala

St. Charles High School – Senior, Soccer, Girls

Triniti has always been a positive force on her teams and in school. She is our starting middle hitter on the volleyball team, plays basketball, and is a thrower in track. When volleyball was moved to the spring, she went out for soccer just to be part of the team. Triniti is a great teammate and excels in whatever role she is given.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 1

Aidan Baxter

Wabasha-Kellogg High School – Senior, Football

Aidan, a team captain, has dealt with the pandemic in a supreme way. He came back from a trip to Italy last spring and was forced to quarantine for two weeks as a safety measure. He never complained and worked very hard all offseason to help prepare the team. Three games have been lost due to COVID-19 but Aidan never complained. He is a great teammate.

Wells Fargo

Most Valuable Teammate Week 20

As captain of a team that has had little success on the scoreboard, Chase has filled many different roles. He has done so without complaint and is a constant leader and supporter of all players on the team. TCU will have a better program in the future because of Chase's leadership.

Wells Fargo