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Most Valuable Teammate

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Congratulations to all MVTs!



Most Valuable Teammate Week 29

Anika Hatlevig

New Prague High School – Senior, Basketball, Girls

Anika tore her ACL twice and wasn't able to compete in her senior year, but she was nothing short of amazing all season. Sho took the initiative every day and asked to help wherever possible. During games, she talked to every girl who came out and gave positive encouragement to them. Her positivity and engagement are models for her peers to follow. 
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 28

Yahya Yusuf

Minneapolis Washburn High School – Junior, Football

Yahya is a phenomenal leader who consistently displays integrity and leadership skills. He makes connections with anyone that he comes in contact with during the day. Teachers adore him, classmates enjoy being around him, and his teammates look to him for leadership. Yahya is a two-year captain on the football team, a captain on the track and field team, Student Council member, and he carries a 4.0 GPA.

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Most Valuable Teammate Week 27

Jackson Green

Waconia High School – Senior, Football

Jackson is a great student-athlete and an exceptional leader who makes sure all students feel included. Jackson goes out of his way to include others and support all students. He is spoken of as caring, exceptional, classy, thoughtful, respectful and kind to others. He makes others around him better every day. Jackson truly epitomizes the qualities for this award.  
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 26

Salomae Nydam

Legacy Christian Academy – Junior, Basketball, Girls

Salomae genuinely cares for each of her teammates’ well-being. Her attitude is consistently positive regardless of how much time she spends in the game. She has become a nurturing “big sister” to all of her younger teammates, and the team is so much better and happier because she is part of it.

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Most Valuable Teammate Week 24

Brea Paurus

Frazee High School – Senior, Volleyball, Girls

Brea represents her school with class and respect, setting the tone each day for other students. When not competing, she can be found at all home events taking photos of her peers to be displayed at school. She is an essential part of the yearbook staff and does her best to spotlight her peers whenever possible. She is one of the best teammates anyone could ask for.   
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 21

Cohen is a three-sport athlete, National Honor Society president and all-around fantastic young man. He always puts his teammates first and is someone who is first to serve and last to be served. Cohen understands the concept that all players have an important role. He is a team player and someone younger players look up to as a role model; not just as an athlete, but because of how he conducts himself.
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 22

Matthew Squires

Tri-City United High School – Senior, Football

Matthew is the epitome of a true leader and teammate on and off the court and field. He is a very successful student-athlete and a very supportive teammate. Matthew has always been a leader by example who consistently works hard and expects the same from his teammates. He always gives 100 percent and works hard all the time. Matthew represents his school in a very positive manner.
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 21

Keira is everything a great leader should be. She gives it her all every day and always maintains a positive attitude. She lifts her teammates up, encouraging them in the hard times and celebrating with them in the good times. She puts in extra work for choreography and is the first to offer a helping hand to her teammates and coaches. On top of all that, she is a phenomenal dancer!
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Most Valuable Teammate Week 20

Logan Douangdy

Rochester Century High School – Junior, Wrestling

Logan is an inspiration to his teammates and coaches as he has battled through tough times with heart and determination. He shows quiet leadership through hard work, dedication and willingness to make sacrifices for his team. He is willing to help out at every turn, whether it's fundraising, cleaning mats or giving rides to younger wrestlers. The team is lucky to have him as a role model on and off the mat.

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Most Valuable Teammate Week 19

Brady Crabtree

Frazee High School – Senior, Football

Brady has developed into a strong, positive role model for younger kids and he takes every moment to recognize them when possible. He works hard in the offseason and sets high goals for himself to achieve. His success is a direct reflection of goal setting and doing the little things right.  

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