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Most Valuable Teammate

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Congratulations to all MVTs!


Most Valuable Teammate Week 10

Joshua Lor

Minneapolis Edison High School – Senior, Football

Joshua is a standout student-athlete. He is a hard worker who supports his teammates and leads by example. In addition, Joshua is a focused young man who represents his family, teammates and community in a positive manner.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 9

Mallory is a role model for other students. She embraces the role that she fills on the varsity volleyball team and has stepped up when her number is called. She cheers on her teammates with passion every night. She participates in our school's leadership council to not only better herself, but to better those around her.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 8

Aaden is the epitome of having a positive impact as a four-sport athlete. Aaden has been a great leader for our cross country and football teams this fall. He has helped his fellow athletes reach their highest potential through his constant words of encouragement. He is a dedicated, hard-working and positive role model for younger athletes.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 7

Cyrus Jones

Minneapolis Edison High School – Senior, Football

Cyrus is an outstanding student-athlete and teammate. He leads by example and he takes pride in working towards being his best self on and off the field. Cyrus understands the importance of education and utilizing his resources, and the Edison community is made better because of him. 

Most Valuable Teammate Week 6

Avery Nathe

Annandale High School – Senior, Volleyball, Girls

Avery encourages others with her consistent positive attitude and she is an amazing teammate to everyone in her high school program. She shows kindness to everyone and always has a positive, team-first attitude. In a society that is becoming more “me” focused, Avery continues to be 100 percent team-focused. 

Most Valuable Teammate Week 5

Derek Waldbeser

Morris Area School – Senior, Football

Derek’s activities include football, basketball, track and field, FFA and pep band. When an injury kept him sidelined from football, that didn’t stop him from contributing and participating in his other activities, including pep band. Derek is a percussionist and regularly attends all pep band outings. He recently used his vehicle to load instruments and transport stands to our tennis courts so the pep band could play and support senior/parents night. Derek is an amazing role model, promoting participation in sports and music.  

Most Valuable Teammate Week 4

Kenzie is an outstanding teammate. She is supportive and helpful to her younger teammates and is always positive and energetic. She cares about all of her teammates and treats them each with respect. Kenzie displays these great teammate characteristics whether she is playing or not, and at all practices and matches.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 3

After a season-ending injury, Ana’s leadership, tenacity and team-first attitude never wavered. In fact, Ana has become even more motivational and inspirational to her teammates while attacking her rehabilitation process. While we are devastated about her injury, we are also beaming with Teddy Pride with how she has continued to be positively influential to her team while not being on the pitch.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 2

Emma Kurowski

Swanville High School – Junior, Volleyball, Girls

After dealing with concussion issues, Emma decided not to play this season but she is still part of the program. She could have chosen to be a manager and remain with her classmates and team, but instead she is a junior high coach, giving back in a truly admirable way. She is able to help with the junior high games and then attend the varsity competitions with her teammates. We couldn't be prouder of her leadership.

Most Valuable Teammate Week 1

Alex has been the hardest worker on the team for four years but he does much more. He is president of the student council, yearbook president, and is the manager for the girls swimming and diving team. For the girls team, Alex scouts opponents, handles pool maintenance and is learning how to handle Hytek timing issues. He is a state qualifier in swimming and is invaluable in many ways at his school.